8 Week Classes

Push your boundaries, challenge your beliefs, light your acting on fire.


The 8 Week Audition Workout w/ Jami Rudofsky

The 8 week Audition Workout with Master teacher and Casting Director extraordinaire, Jami Rudofsky will change the way you audition and the way you work as an actor!

If you’re walking into an audition room anxious or disconnected, if you’re walking away feeling disappointed or unfulfilled or that you could have done more, this 8 week journey will sharpen your instrument, make the audition room your home, and ground you with an artistic anchor that will embolden your audition practice. Get grounded as you prepare your audition, sit in the waiting room, and show up in the audition itself. And find out how to do that in your self-tape! Be undeniable in all the work you do!


The Core Thursday Daytime

Are you missing that electricity in your work? Are you walking away from set or the audition room feeling like you had more to give?

BGB’s The Core is your class. This amazing 8 week experience taught by Steve Braun – along with BGB Master teachers – sharpens your instrument to an undeniable point and brings back the joy and effortlessness that attracted you to acting in the first place.


The Advanced Masterclass w/ Risa & Guests

To be fully seen, to find your personal voice in the work, to move your audience!

The Advanced Masterclass is an essential 8 week intensive taught by Risa Bramon Garcia (director, casting director, producer, teacher of 35 years). Dismantling the fear, Risa strips you down to your boldest, most personal, and specific self, allowing you to make your most authentic choices in your preparation, in any casting room, on set and stage… in all of the work you do.


The Audition Lab w/ James Eckhouse

How can we grab hold of those few minutes in an audition, connect to the material and the reader, ‘own the room,’ and dazzle with our work? In the 8 week Audition Lab, James Eckhouse shows you how to use what you already know so that all your training and all your talent shine through in the audition room. In this Audition Lab you will re-forge your connection to your authentic self so that you can audition with a vibrant spontaneity and a deep sense of truth. Under James’ guidance you will soup-up your acting engine in order to work at your deepest level and be powerfully present.


The 8 Week Audition Experience w/ Caroline Liem + Guests

The Audition Experience gives you the opportunity to get comfortable with the audition process so that you can make bold, smart choices that lead to success. Caroline Liem’s commitment to an intimate, honest, exploration of the audition process allows you to explore what it means to bring the full force of your talent to your auditions. Along with the bonus of working with 2 BGB Master Teachers that will enrich your journey. In this 8 weeks together you will tap into your distinct and highly personal point of view, hone your process, and fire up your confidence so you can achieve the success you deserve.


The Audition Revolution Weekend

Audition. The very word strikes panic. Either you don’t get as many as you’d like or you get them but don’t book them. You’re lost, uncertain and drowning in self-doubt.

BGB’s Audition Revolution Weekend will turn what you think about auditioning on it’s head. These few days of mind-altering work blur the lines between your unique artistry and the often paralyzing confines of the audition process. Audition experts Risa Bramon Garcia and Steve Braun, along with Master teachers/Casting directors give you the tools to walk into the audition room, be fully seen, and move your audience with your talent.

One weekend can change everything!


Writing for Actors

Are you tired of waiting for the industry to come to you? Constantly feel like you can’t be seen for the roles you are right for? Take control of your career! Expand the breadth of your artistry! Learn the power that can come from the expansion of your artistic voice onto the page, and allow it to guide you on a path towards creating your own content. Come work with the brilliant writer-actor-teacher, Alexa Alemanni, who will inspire you to write with the full force of your talent. Find your writer’s voice!

Meet Risa and Steve at the Studio

Once a month Risa and Steve offer an opportunity for you to come by the studio, sit down with them, and find out more about the amazing work going on at The BGB Studio. Join us!