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OLD Audition Coaching

Audition Coaching

You Deserve To Own The Room!


You open the email from your agent. You have an audition…the next day. Your heart beats faster. Your breathing gets shallow. You look at the scene and it reads like Portuguese. You haven’t a clue. Or maybe worse, you’ll do exactly what you’ve been doing for awhile, by yourself and in your own head.

The BGB Studio Will Be Your Partner

Together, we’ll make sense of the text and mine the gold that’s inside of you. We’ll deepen your intention and connection in a unique, personal way. We’ll give you the tools to make the most active, specific, and urgent choices so you can summon your most authentic voice and feel confident, loose, and excited to walk into any room, onto any stage or set. Why not walk in with your most connected, powerful work.

Why Not Do The Kind Of Work That Will Blow Them Away


  • Risa Bramon Garcia: $150/hr
  • Steve Braun: $150/hr, $120/hr for Current BGB Actors
  • BGB Coaches: $100 to $125/hr – Jenny O’Hara, Sandy Martin, Will Doughty, Josh Green, Tim Conlon, Joseph Lyle Taylor, Amy Cale Peterson, Daniel Rubiano, Cate Scott Campbell, Brennan du Fresne Schulweis, Emily M. Schoener, Rachel Kimsey, Jeff Schine, Sierra Fisk, Deborah Puette

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Audition Coaching Details

Duration: Coaching will last for 1 hour unless an alternative duration is agreed upon before arrival.
Scheduling: Need to be confirmed asap by both parties on a case by case basis.
Location: In person, via Skype, over the phone.
Payment: Completed via PayPal before the appointment.
Requirements: Open to actors of all levels and ages.

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BGB’s Audition Taping

Audition Taping Room


Can’t get into the audition room?
Take control.

You need a taping facility that makes you look your best in an environment where you can do your best work.

BGB’s Audition Taping services give you access to a real, working audition room with the same high quality lighting, sound and camera equipment used for casting TV and films. If you’re going to send in a tape, go to the source.

What you get:

  • Access to a working audition studio.
  • Professional quality lighting and camera package.
  • A camera operator who works in casting.
  • An actor to read with you if you need one. Sometimes the camera operator might also be the reader.
  • Each of your takes loaded on your flash drive or memory card ready for you to edit at home.
  • You must bring a flash drive, external hard drive, memory card or memory card compatible computer – all Mac compatible.

Option 1: Tape and Go!

  • 30 mins for $45, 1 hour for $80.

Option 2: Coach & Tape

  • 1 hour coaching & taping with Risa- $150
  • 1 hour coaching & taping with Steve- $150, $120 for Current BGB Actors
  • 1 hour coaching & taping with a BGB Coach- $100 to $125

Audition Taping Details

Scheduling: Once your time is confirmed, we may not be able to reschedule your appointment for that same day. Please arrive 15 minutes early to find parking and get yourself camera ready! We start on time.
Payment: Completed via PayPal before the appointment.
Discounts: Available to current BGB actors.

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Email us at: coaching@bramongarciabraun.com or call 818-755-9500 for more coaching and audition taping information. Please add our email to your address book on all devices so messages from the BGB Studio don’t end up in your spam folder.

Audition Taping Rave Reviews

“I wanted to report that I booked the role, thanks to you! You guys are patient, professional, encouraging, non-invasive, and extremely helpful, as well as being very good at what you do. And it never hurts to have a fine actor to read with and a great camera person! Thanks very much for making it possible for me to book another job.”


“We want to say thanks for all your help yesterday with Max’s audition tape. Everyone loved the tape and commented on the high quality.”
-Max and Kelly