Meet our team of amazing coaches!

We are profoundly protective of the work that happens at our studio. The BGB Studio is proud to present a roster of brilliant coaches who care deeply about actors and are committed to helping them explore the depths of their artistry so that they may share it with the world.

– Risa and Steve

  • Risa Bramon Garcia
    Risa Bramon GarciaCoach/Studio Founder

    For the past 35 years Risa has worked consistently as a director, producer, casting director, writer, and teacher in the arenas of theatre, film, and television. She has the great fortune to collaborate with some of the most talented, passionate, and groundbreaking artists in the world. She is dedicated to helping actors find their distinctive voice in their work so that they can enter into any room or stage with power and ease.

  • Steve Braun
    Steve BraunCoach/Studio Founder

    Steve Braun is an LA-based actor and acting coach. Over his 15 year career he has starred in such movies as HAROLD AND KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE, WRONG TURN 2, and THE TRIP as well as being a series regular on such television shows as THE IMMORTAL and TWINS. Over the years Steve has guest starred on CSI: MIAMI, CSI: NY, BONES, GILMORE GIRLS,THE CLOSER, NCIS, and THE MENTALIST.

  • Jami Rudofsky
    Jami RudofskyCoach/Teacher

    Jami had been casting for over 20 years and has worked in every medium. She has previously cast Season 4 of MASTERS OF SEX. She approaches coaching from the perspective of a working Casting Director, helping you identify choices you might not have thought about in preparation. By the time you walk out of your session, you will have the confidence to own the room and the ability to bring you best self to the audition.

  • Christy Faison
    Christy FaisonCoach/Teacher

    Christy Faison moved to Chicago 15 years ago and began her casting career in the Talent and Casting department at FOX. She started online casting shortly after and worked on various pilots, series and films. She found her casting home working with Risa Bramon Garcia on THE CAPE and A GIFTED MAN . She has since worked on the television series BOSS, THE NEWSROOM, ASH VS. EVIL DEAD for Starz, THE SPOILS BEFORE DYING starring Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig and the Terence Malick movie KNIGHT OF CUPS. Most recently, she reunited with Risa on 2 recent CBS pilots.

    Always an advocate for actors, Christy believes in creating a warm, safe, and fun environment during the audition process.

  • Rachel Kimsey
    Rachel KimseyCoach/Teacher

    Rachel is a working Actor and Voice Over artist; she is an original member of the BGB Studio, teaching the Saturday Workout and Core Sunday. Having taught Crossfit and yoga for many years, Rachel understands both strength and stillness in the work, and that your unique experience, body, and voice are what make you a valued actor. Rachel will help you find yourself in the story, bring your body into the room, and find the power of your own voice.

  • Deborah Puette
      Deborah PuetteCoach

      Deborah has worked on major studio features and has guest-starred and recurred on top network and cable shows including EXTANT, REVOLUTION, THE OFFICE, PARKS & REC, GREY’S ANATOMY, and TRUE BLOOD. For her critically-acclaimed work onstage she has received numerous major awards and nominations. As a coach, Deborah excels in helping actors quickly hone honest, unique, text-based choices that bring a fresh voice to the material while keeping the storytelling clear.

    • Johnathan McClain
        Johnathan McClainCoach

        Over the course of a prominent 20 year career, Johnathan has appeared on stages across the country and in TV shows and movies. If you’re curious, you can Google him. He believes that success lives in confidence, and he will encourage you to be confident in expressing your complex, intricate, human experience. He also believes that you are enough. Because you are.

      • Kelly Wolf
          Kelly WolfCoach

          “I got the sides last night, I didn’t get the whole script!” Sound familiar? These worries and distractions keep you from doing your best work. Kelly is excellent at helping you investigate the text and focus on the story in order to free yourself, walk into any audition and own the room! A working actor in theatre, film, and television, Kelly studied with the legendary Uta Hagen and Herbert Berghof.

        • Jenny O’Hara
            Jenny O’HaraCoach

            You can find Jenny’s extensive Theatre, Film and Television credits (over 200) on IMDB. She currently recurs on THE MINDY PROJECT & TRANSPARENT. Jenny teaches actors to do what she does in her own work. She’ll help you dig down into the often sparse TV and Film material to find the characters, their world and their strong needs, so you can go into that room with clarity and confidence, and ownership!

          • Daniel Rubiano
              Daniel RubianoCoach

              Daniel received his MFA from UC, SAN DIEGO. He’s appeared in several plays and TV shows. His coaching is spontaneous and organic. He takes what you bring to the table and molds it with script analysis, copious verbal notes, and specifics. By the time you leave you’ll have done the scene a myriad of different ways, thoroughly discussed what’s happening on the surface and beneath, and most of all, be ready!

            • Dominic Burgess
                Dominic BurgessCoach

                With a background in improvisation and a BA in Acting from THE ACADEMY LIVE AND RECORDED ARTS  in London, Dominic loves to approach the  work through play and bold choices. Dom believes that finding a sense of joy in any scene can help bring it to life, and that by being “loose” and ready for anything makes you a more engaging actor. TV credits include IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA, ROOTS, THE MAGICIANS, AND DISNEY’S ANT FARM.

              • Jeff Schine
                  Jeff SchineCoach

                  Jeff is a working Voice Over artist and On Camera actor. He can be heard/seen on numerous TV/radio commercials, video game characters, animation and feature films. Jeff has a unique ability to create a safe environment in order to push bold, brave work, testing your comfort zone. He will help you find your personal, bold voice in your work… which is the best tool you can bring to any audition.

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