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Showrunner Interview with Amy Lippman along with Risa Bramon Garcia & Steve Braun

By admin | Posted On: April 10, 2015

Amy Lippman, a powerhouse showrunner, was the creator of Party of Five and is currently an Executive Producer and writer on Master of Sex. She has also been an EP and written on Lonestar and Sisters, and …

How Meditation Can Book You Work By: Steve Braun

By admin | Posted On: March 20, 2015






Why A Bad Reader Is A Gift. By: Steve Braun

By admin | Posted On: March 12, 2015




Not All Latinas Look Like J.Lo By Grasie Mercedes

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Race and ethnicity in Hollywood are complicated things and being a dark-skinned Latina doesn’t make it any easier.

Here’s the deal. I am Dominican-American. My mother and father were both born in the Dominican Republic. I was born in New …

The One Great Success You Can Have in 2015!

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It’s 2015! A new year and we feel the pressure to change. It’s in our cultural consciousness as the ball drops. We want to make some changes. Lose weight, eat healthier, get to the gym more, get signed by an …

4 Things You Must Do to Make It as an Actor By: Steve Braun

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Awards Season. Strategically scheduled before and during pilot season to offer a ray of hope to the myriad of actors scratching and clawing their way through the darkness towards a role in a pilot. The dresses, the speeches, the opportunity …

A Simple Key to Success By: Risa Bramon Garcia

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There was “The Secret”—a hot subject for a while—and we all sort of figured out what that was: the law of attraction. What we put out is what we attract. Makes sense.

And then there’s the secret lurking behind the …

The Pilot Season- Check In By Steve Braun

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So That Was Pilot Season… By: Risa Bramon Garcia & Steve Braun

By admin | Posted On: February 5, 2015

The most important three months in the history of the universe have come to an end. It was life and death. Studies suggest that one in five agents acquired more than two ulcers in the last three months. And that …

5 Tips For Surviving Pilot Season By: Risa Bramon Garcia

By admin | Posted On: February 2, 2015

Pilot Season. It’s less of a season and more of an airborne bacterial infection, descending upon Los Angeles every year around this time. For some of us the symptoms will include five auditions and a year’s worth of anxiety a …