Coaching It's time to audition with power.

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Audition Coaching Be your best self in the audition room

You Deserve to Own the Room!

You open the email from your agent. You have an audition…the next day. Your heart beats faster. Your breathing gets shallow. You look at the scene and it reads like Portuguese. You haven’t a clue. Or maybe worse, you’ll do exactly what you’ve been doing for awhile, by yourself …

Audition Taping Room

BGB’s Audition Taping Can’t get into the audition room? Take control.

You need a taping facility that makes you look your best in an environment where you can do your best work.

BGB’s Audition Taping services give you access to a real, working audition room with the same high quality lighting, sound and camera equipment used for casting TV and films. If you’re going to send …


Skype Coaching Get the highest level of training from anywhere in the world

BGB Skype coaching gives dedicated actors all over the world access to the same training enjoyed by actors in Los Angeles. On set in some far away land? BGB Skype coaching can help. The BGB Studio is world wide with classes and coaching via Skype.

Whether you’re in Nashville or Niverville, Budapest or Brisbane, save …