Make Headshots Great Again!

Make Headshots Great Again!

By BGB Studio


Make Headshots Great Again!

The White House released the First Lady’s Portrait… to your left.

We talked on FB Live about why this portrait of Melania Trump does NOT work, and why actors sabotage their headshots in the same way!

Join us on the VIDEO below, share on social media, and tell us what you think @BGBStudio #MakeHeadshotsGreatAgain

We’re coming to you on FB Live again on 3 Tuesdays, April 18, 25, and May 2, at 12:30 pm, to talk about Headshots, Reels, and Websites, each subsequent week.

How do you show who you are? How do you grab our attention and remain authentic? How do you tell your story?

And here’s more… We will be sharing FREE Audios that go in depth on all of it.

So for more… Email us at to join in!

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