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The Monday Daytime Workout is an amazing weekly intensive that keeps your artistry sharp and ready for anything that’s required of a working actor. Work nights? No problem. BGB’s Daytime Workout is your weekly training session in an ongoing class on Monday afternoons. Meisner exercises, cold read scenes, and on-camera work keep you connected to your artistry and ready for any work you’ll do on stage, on set or in the audition room.


Light Your Acting On Fire

Your career will thank you.

There’s so much riding on this for you. You want success so badly. You want to get it right. But there’s no math in this business. Decision makers are moved by wild, bold, specific talent. And in order to sharpen your talent to the point of a champion you’re going to have to fuel your pursuit with passion. The Daytime Workout lights your artistic soul on fire and gives you the tools to succeed.

The Details

Teacher:Steve Braun
Dates:Mondays, 11pm – 2pm. Weekly ongoing class, 4x per month.
Duration:This is an ongoing class with a recommended minimum three-month commitment.
Location:The BGB Studio
10999 Riverside Dr., Suite 301
North Hollywood, CA 91602
Requirements:By application or invitation only. (Makeup + Cancellation Policy)
Cost:$265/month for 4 classes per month. Sign up now as this class fills fast!

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The Work

Meisner-based exercises train heightened awareness, deep presence and emotional specificity so you dance on the edge of every moment. Scene work and creative adjustments trains artistic flexibility, the ability to take notes, making swift, bold choices and coming to the kind of self-awareness that allows you to take command of your work.

“This class can’t be about me. I’m only as good as my ability to help you find the power to be great without me. My goal is to create and defend spaces in which you’re expected to push your own boundaries. And I do my best to do that with kindness and firmness. Sure, sometimes actors need a kick in the ass. But it can’t be about my ego. It has to be about your growth.” -Steve Braun

Your Teacher(s)
    STEVE BRAUNTeacher/Studio Founder

    Steve Braun is an acting coach and communication consultant, drawing on many years of acting training, Buddhist practice and martial arts training to help his clients discover and express their unique emotional truth. He has trained in both acting and martial arts for 20 years, a journey that has taken him from the ego-driven external pursuit of being rich, famous and tough to the powerful internal pursuit of conquering self through Meditation, Qi Gong and art. Steve has spent the last 9 years training with an ordained Shaolin Monk, Shifu Shi Yan Fan.

    While pursuing an acting career, Steve starred in movies such as HAROLD AND KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE, WRONG TURN 2 and THE TRIP. He was a series regular on THE IMMORTAL and TWINS. He guest starred on CSI: MIAMI, CSI: NY, BONES, GILMORE GIRLS, THE CLOSER, NCIS, and THE MENTALIST, among others. His coaching and teaching clients include lead and recurring actors from THE NEWSROOM, TRANSPARENT, NARCOS, MAD MEN, HOMELAND, DEXTER, TRUE BLOOD, THE BLACK LIST, CSI, CSI: NY, etc, etc./p>

    More on Steve here.

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