The Saturday Workout

Start on the path to undeniable acting power.

The Saturday Workout is a muscular and energizing ongoing acting workout. Rachel Kimsey challenges actors to own their power, bring all of themselves to their work, and never stop growing.

Rachel’s blend of exercises and scene work from various genres keep you sharp, engaged, and on the path to electrifying work. Rachel brings her deep love of the work to each class, challenging each actor to dig deeper and be better, every week.

The Saturday Workout is an essential workout to get in and stay in shape!




The Saturday Workout is a challenging weekly workout that keeps you razor sharp, pushes your boundaries, and keeps you inspired and in championship shape.  Rachel Kimsey’s precise intuition and deep understanding of an actor’s body and mind nurtures the kind of transformational growth needed to be successful.

Working with repetition exercises, cold reading, scene work from various genres, improv, on-camera work, movement, and body awareness, Rachel guides you to your personal power and truthful human connection. She teaches you how to make deeply specific and unique choices so that you can approach your craft and career with strength and leadership. Nothing is off limits in this dynamic class.

Class Details
Teacher: Rachel Kimsey Location: The BGB Studio, 10999 Riverside Dr., Suite 301, North Hollywood, CA 91602
Dates: Saturdays, 10:30am – 1:30pm. Weekly ongoing class, 4x month. Requirements: By Invitation or Application only.(Cancellation Policy)
Duration: This is an ongoing class meeting 4x a month. A minimum three months commitment is recommended. Cost:
$265/month for 4 classes/month

Teacher: Rachel Kimsey

Dates: Saturdays, 10:30am – 1:30pm.
Weekly ongoing class, 4x month.

Cost: $265/month for 4 class/month

Duration: This is an ongoing class, meeting 4x a month. A minimum three months commitment is recommended. 

Requirements: By invitation or application only. (Cancellation Policy)

Location: The BGB Studio, 10999 Riverside Dr., Suite 301, North Hollywood, CA 91602

Your Teacher(s)

    Rachel Kimsey is an original member of The BGB Studio. She has taught at The BGB Studio since 2014 and continues to study every week. Rachel is an Actor and Voice Actor. She voices Wonder Woman in JUSTICE LEAGUE ACTION and stars in video games including CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS 3.  She has appeared all over the world, including performances in the EDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL and TAIWAN. She has traveled the U.S. as part of a Broadway National Tour and performed in Film, Television and Theatre in New York, Los Angeles and her home state of Utah. Rachel has been a Series Regular and Recurring actor on Daytime Television and guest star in Primetime TV. Her film work includes big budget and independent films as both an actor and stunt woman. She believes the truth of acting is in the words and in the body. Across acting disciplines the truth is always revealed in the unique and powerful truth that only comes from showing who you truly are. Rachel’s experience as a teacher is not limited to acting; she has been a teacher and coach across a number disciplines including yoga, personal training, Crossfit, stress management and memorization. Rachel Kimsey received her BFA in Acting from BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY.

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