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Pitch Coaching

Pitch Coaching

Pitch Your Script Like A Champion.

You’ve got an amazing idea and you’re swimming in it. But when you walk into the room to pitch it, you go blank. They’re all staring at you, waiting to be blown away. Now you have to sell it, convince them that your idea has to be bought and paid for. Your Xanax is kicking in, but you don’t believe for a second that they’ll buy it. Let us help. We’ll take you through your pitch so that the content is strong, clear and engaging. We’ll help you deliver your pitch with confidence, ease, and authority. We’ll show you how to bring yourself to a place where you’re comfortable and empowered. Where it’s fun to pitch. And success is in your hands.

If you don’t blow them away in the pitch meeting, it doesn’t matter that your idea is brilliant. You need to penetrate the hardened exoskeleton they’ve grown as a result of sitting through countless lame pitches and move them on an emotional level. BGB Pitch coaching gives you the practical tools to knock the pitch out of the park.

Teachers: Risa Bramon Garcia, Steve Braun
Duration: As needed
Schedule: As needed
Location: In person, via Skype, over the phone.
Requirements: Open to writers, directors, producers.
Cost: $150/hr

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