It’s time to find your power.


The BGB 8-Week Workout

You want to book work and change the world. We hear you. But are you able to walk into any audition room, any set, or onto any stage with ease and power? Can you create a deep emotional connection in your work under unforgiving circumstances?  Are you working with all cylinders firing? Are you in command of your career or waiting for it to happen to you? If you want to be a championship-level actor, it takes championship-level practice.

The BGB Studio’s 8 Week Workout is an essential 8-week intensive offering the kind of transformational work that books work and keeps you in the practice of being a bold, artistic leader.  Each week, Master Teachers and Industry Professionals will disrupt the stale patterns in your acting, giving you confidence, clarity and the practical skills to take your craft career to the next level.


Writing For Actors

Are you tired of waiting for the industry to come to you? Constantly feel like you can’t be seen for the roles you are right for? Now is the time to take control of your career, expand the scope of your artistry, and forge your own career by creating your own work.

The role of the actor starts the day you arrive on set and concludes when you finish shooting. But there is a much richer, collaborative, creative world out there that actors can be a part of if they just start exploring the creation and execution of their own content. Writing for Actors opens the door to that world: Come learn how to be an actor who creates work.

It’s time to actualize your creative ideas and dive into the process of writing.



The Core Thursday Daytime

Are you missing that electricity in your work? Are you walking away from set or the audition room feeling like you had more to give? BGB’s The Core is your class. This amazing 8 week experience taught by Steve Braun – along with BGB Master teachers – sharpens your instrument to an undeniable point and brings back the joy and effortlessness that attracted you to acting in the first place.


The Advanced Masterclass w/ Risa & Guests

To be fully seen, to find your personal voice in the work, to move your audience!

The Advanced Masterclass is an essential 8 week intensive taught by Risa Bramon Garcia (director, casting director, producer, teacher of 35 years). Dismantling the fear, Risa strips you down to your boldest, most personal, and most specific self, allowing you to make your most authentic choices in your preparation, in any casting room, on set and stage… in all of the work you do.

Meet Risa and Steve at the Studio

Once a month Risa and Steve offer an opportunity for you to come by the studio, sit down with them, and find out more about the amazing work going on at The BGB Studio. Join us!