The Core Sunday

Time to find your power

The Core Sunday is an amazing 8-week odyssey through the essential techniques, exercises, and mediums that make an actor successful. Containing all the different kinds of work we offer at the Studio and brought to you by a number of our master teachers, The Core Sunday challenges your craft, disrupts your limiting beliefs, and reinforces your passion for the art of acting.

Through Meisner-based exercises, cold reading, on-camera and audition work, Alexander practice, Improv, and writing, The Core Sunday keeps your creative fire raging and works your entire creative being. BY APPLICATION OR INVITATION ONLY.

This class is not an audition or employment opportunity and there is no suggestion or guarantee of an audition or employment as a result of taking this class.



Each class offers a unique exploration into the depths of your artistry.

Rachel Kimsey, along with an array of BGB Master Teachers, will bring out your unique voice as an actor, give you the tools to express that voice and then sharpen it until it is undeniable. This transformational 8-week class cements your acting foundation and allows you to fly from that foundation. The Core Sunday gives you the confidence, clarity, and practical skills to take your craft and career to the next level.

The Work

Classes 1-4

Meisner exercises, monologues, cold reading and scene study with Rachel Kimsey to explore the depths of your unique emotional life. Alexander Technique Master Teacher Debby Jay explores the physical expression of your talent. BGB Master Teacher/Casting Director Christy Faison offers robust on-camera training.

*This class is not an audition or employment opportunity and there is no suggestion or guarantee of an audition or employment as a result of taking this class.

Classes 5-7

BGB Master Teacher Celeste Pechous releases your creative animal with improvisation. Rachel Kimsey works your creative being, and Master Teacher Tim Conlon sharpens your unique needs and tactics.

Classes 8

Concludes with a deep exploration of your artistic identity.

Class Details
Teacher: Rachel Kimsey with BGB Master Teachers; Celeste Pechous, Debby Jay, Christy Faison & Tim Conlon Location: The BGB Studio, 10999 Riverside Dr, Suite 301, North Hollywood, CA 91602
Dates: September 2017.
Sundays 2-5pm (No class July 2)
Sign up now as class fills fast!
Requirements: An open heart and mind. By application or invitation only. There are no make ups for this 8 week class.(Cancellation Policy)
Duration: 8 Weeks Cost: 2 installments of $310. $620 for the entire 8 week program.

Teacher: Rachel Kimsey with BGB Master Teachers; Celeste Pechous, Debby Jay, Christy Faison & Tim Conlon

Dates: September 2017.
Sundays 2-5pm (No class July 2)
Sign up now as class fills fast! 

Cost: 2 installments of $310.
$620 for the entire 8 week program.

Duration: 8 Weeks

Requirements: By application or invitation only. For actors who are auditioning consistently. (Cancellation Policy)

Location: The BGB Studio, 10999 Riverside Dr., Suite 301, North Hollywood, CA 91602

Your Teacher(s)

    Rachel Kimsey is an original member of The BGB Studio. She has taught at The BGB Studio since 2014 and continues to study every week. Rachel is an Actor and Voice Actor. She voices Wonder Woman in JUSTICE LEAGUE ACTION and stars in video games including CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS 3.  She has appeared all over the world, including performances in the EDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL and TAIWAN. She has traveled the U.S. as part of a Broadway National Tour and performed in Film, Television and Theatre in New York, Los Angeles and her home state of Utah. Rachel has been a Series Regular and Recurring actor on Daytime Television and guest star in Primetime TV. Her film work includes big budget and independent films as both an actor and stunt woman. She believes the truth of acting is in the words and in the body. Across acting disciplines the truth is always revealed in the unique and powerful truth that only comes from showing who you truly are. Rachel’s experience as a teacher is not limited to acting; she has been a teacher and coach across a number disciplines including yoga, personal training, Crossfit, stress management and memorization. Rachel Kimsey received her BFA in Acting from BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY.


    Celeste Pechous (SAG/AFTRA) has improvised around the world with some of the most distinguished improv theaters.  She is an alumnae of the SECOND CITY NATIONAL TOURING COMPANY and has trained and performed at the SECOND CITY Chicago/LA, iO Chicago/LA, and THE ANNOYANCE THEATER. Pechous was honored Best Actress for her work in THE CLAN at the Midwest Film Festival. She received a Best Actress nominee from the Downtown LA Film Festival and was awarded the Outstanding Performance from The SNAFF Film Festival for her work in the dark-comedy short, PAST DUE, based on her short story.  TV credits include KINGS OF CON, Showtime’s MASTERS OF SEX, Comedy Central’s WORKAHOLICS and REVIEW and TV Land’s HOT IN CLEVELAND.  You can see her improvise weekly at iO WEST and SECOND CITY LA and on TV in one of her many national spots. Pechous teaches Improv at SECOND CITY’S CONSERVATORY, at festivals around the country and is the founder of Dosage Improv Intensives.


    Christy Faison moved to Chicago 15 years ago and began her casting career in the Talent and Casting department at FOX. She started online casting shortly after and worked on various pilots, series and films. She found her casting home working with Risa Bramon Garcia on THE CAPE and A GIFTED MAN. She has since worked on television series BOSS, THE NEWSROOM, ASH VS. EVIL DEAD for Starz, THE SPOILS BEFORE DYING starring Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig and the Terence Malick movie KNIGHT OF CUPS. Most recently, she reunited with Risa on 2 recent CBS pilots.

    Always an advocate for actors, Christy believes in creating a warm, safe, and fun environment during the audition process.

  • -Debby Jay-
      -Debby Jay-Teacher

      When Debby Jay had her first lesson in the Alexander Technique in 1982, she experienced a sense of lightness and ease that proved transformative and changed the direction of her life. She studied Alexander privately for 4 years, trained to be a teacher at the AMERICAN CENTER FOR THE ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE in New York and over the last 27 years has been teaching individuals and groups, including a 7-year stint at the HOWARD FINE ACTING STUDIO. To better understand why people embody themselves the way they do, Debby got additional training in Somatic Experiencing–a body-oriented approach to resolving trauma.  She is delighted to be able to help her students and clients experience greater emotional and physical freedom and feel increasingly grounded in their own truth.

      TIM CONLONTeacher

      Tim Conlon was born in Sudbury, Ontario and has spent 20 years as a working actor in Los Angeles. Tim has appeared as a series regular on an number of series and recurred on PARTY OF FIVE, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, and most recently THE MINDY PROJECT. He’s guest starred on countless TV episodes. Tim’s extensive background in improv, stand-up comedy and Meisner – based Techniques as well as his unique vision and communication style make him a dynamic teacher. Whether teaching comedy or drama, Tim focuses on an actor’s authenticity and flexibility. His knowledge of the craft – both theoretical and experiential -, his passion for acting, and his deep desire for an actor’s growth electrify his class and his students.

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