Discover your unimaginable power.

The ups and downs of the industry can rob you of the creative spirit you need to succeed. The pursuit of an acting career can be emotionally violent and without a strong practice that protects your art (the art that ultimately books you work) success is out of reach. To have the career you want you’re going to have to blow them away and the only way you do that is to nurture the fire that started you on this path in the first place. The Core pours gas on that fire and lets it rage.

This transformational 8 week class is your respite from the industry, giving you life-changing training that will serve as your artistic anchor for the rest of your days. The Core disrupts the stale patterns in your acting and gives you confidence, clarity, emotional power, and the practical skills to take your craft and your career to the next level.

This amazing 8 week experience sharpens your instrument to an undeniable point and brings back the joy and effortlessness that attracted you to acting in the first place.


You are unique to the universe.

…and that is why you will book work.

The rejection and merciless indifference of the industry can make you hide who you are, protect your vulnerability, and dim your unique light. The Core disrupts the stale patterns that result from being beat down by the industry, and ignites your passion to discover and express who you are in your work.  It is the path to the type of championship level work that creates a successful acting career.

The Details

Teacher:Steve Braun with Master Teachers
Dates:Thursdays. Next round Summer 2018. Sign up now as this class fills fast!
Duration:8 weeks. Thursdays, 10:30am – 1:30pm.

The BGB Studio

10999 Riverside Dr., Suite 301

North Hollywood, CA 91602

Requirements:An open heart and mind. By application or invitation only. There are no make ups for this 8 week class. (CANCELLATION POLICY)
Cost:2 installments of $320. $640 for the entire 8 week program.

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The Work

Working with Steve Braun and a slate of BGB’s Master teachers, you’ll come back to the core of who you are as an artist. Each class offers a unique exploration into the depths of your artistry. On this 8 week journey you will find your unique voice as an actor and what might be in the way of the fullest expression of that voice. You will explore various practices, find connection to your scene partner and your own rich emotional life, and begin to own your artistic power.

Class 1-2- The Source.  Re-discover and re-ignite the engine of your creative force. 

Class 3-  Your body.  Integrate your body into your talent.

Class 4- Imaginative scene work.  “Getting it right” doesn’t exist.

Class 5- Instinct Freedom.  Let it rip.

Class 6- Being a Creator.  Be done with waiting for permission to act.

Class 7-  Presence.  How to bring the full force of your talent anywhere, anytime.

Class 8-  Where you’re Going.  Commit to the next chapter of your artist life. 

Your Teacher(s)

Teachers listed below (other than Steve) are subject to change.

  • Steve Braun
    Steve BraunTeacher/Studio Founder

    Steve Braun is an acting coach and communication consultant, drawing on many years of acting training, Buddhist practice and martial arts training to help his clients discover and express their unique emotional truth. His coaching and teaching clients include lead and recurring actors from WEST WORLD, MR. ROBOT, FEUD, NARCOS, HOMELAND, THE NEWSROOM, CHICAGO LAW, TRANSPARENT, 10 DAYS IN THE VALLEY, MAD MEN, DEXTER, TRUE BLOOD, VAMPIRE DIARIES, THE BLACK LIST, CSI, CSI: NY, etc, etc. More on Steve here.

  • Will Doughty
      Will DoughtyTeacher

      Will Doughty brings 20 years of performance and industry experience to the BGB Studio. With his first love being improvisation, Will brings a unique vision to scripted work that gives actors a practical path for letting go of “The Plan” and diving deep into play. Improvisation is used as a spring board for actors to own their power, explore their choices and trust their instincts take after take.  His classes are high energy, passionate and devoted to crafting consistency. Will has studied and performed at THE UPRIGHT CITIZENS BRIGADE LA, iO WEST,COMEDY SPORTZ and BRAVE BEW WORKSHOP. He Co-produced and Hosted LA Weekly’s Best of Indie Improv show CRASHBAR IMPROV for 5 years.Will has television credits for NBC, Showtime, and Comedy Central along with dozens of national commercial credits.  His aim is to ignite playful curiosity in every actor’s process resulting in a full and spontaneous performance.

    • -Debby Jay-
        -Debby Jay-Teacher

        When Debby Jay had her first lesson in the Alexander Technique in 1982, she experienced a sense of lightness and ease that proved transformative and changed the direction of her life. She studied Alexander privately for 4 years, trained to be a teacher at the AMERICAN CENTER FOR THE ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE in New York and over the last 27 years has been teaching individuals and groups, including a 7-year stint at the HOWARD FINE ACTING STUDIO. To better understand why people embody themselves the way they do, Debby got additional training in Somatic Experiencing–a body-oriented approach to resolving trauma.  She is delighted to be able to help her students and clients experience greater emotional and physical freedom and feel increasingly grounded in their own truth. More on Debbie here.

      • Felipe Figueroa
        Felipe FigueroaTeacher

        Felipe Figueroa is an actor that started in the world of musical theater – first in high school and then at NYU.  During and following school he performed in many regional theater stages and his favorite credit of all time is Paul in A Chorus Line (played it twice).  He took a hiatus from the business for 8 years and managed a dental office in Philadelphia which put money in the bank and helped pay his loans to NYU.  However, the art tugged at him and he moved to Los Angeles to re-ignite his career.  Favorite credits have been Transparent, Lopez and Criminal Minds. His favorite aspect of the work – finding his own voice in the script despite what the breakdown and the action lines say.

        More on Felipe here.


      It’s time to unleash the totality of your talent.

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