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Coach With Risa

Coaching with Risa

Coach with a master of the audition process

Let Risa shepherd you through the pages in front of you so that you can feel strength achieve specificity, and deepen your intention and your connection. Find the ease, authenticity and power in the process. Prepare yourself to be unprepared. And engage the audition, rehearsal or work as a playful and cathartic acting experience. Coach with a master of the audition process. Book a coaching session with Risa today.

Here’s what to expect:

  • We’re together for at least an hour of comprehensive work on the text, the character and your process.
  • You’ll get comfortable with the material; make it your own; deepen your intention and your connection with your character and your circumstances; engage with your scene partner (whoever it may be); be active, specific, know what’s at stake; and find the ease, freedom and power in your work.
  • You’ll find the most authentic way to bring yourself to the character and ultimately into the room or onto the set or stage.
  • You’ll fully prepare yourself to walk into an audition or on the set, confident and self-possessed, ready for anything… and be undeniable.
  • Coaching can be for a specific job, audition, or as a work-out session.
  • We can also put you on tape for a particular audition and pull your best takes.


Acting Coach: Risa Bramon Garcia
Duration: 1 hour (unless otherwise specified)
Schedule: As needed
Location: In person, via Skype, or over the phone
Requirements: Open to actors of all levels
Cost: $150-$250

Click Here to Schedule a coaching session with Risa (via Risa’s website)

“Within a few days after taking Risa’s class I walked into an audition for ONE TREE HILL and booked the job. Risa stresses INTENTION and CONNECTION and whether you are just starting out or have been around for a while, this training is imperative.” -Joe Manganiello. TRUE BLOOD, MAGIC MIKE

“Training with Steve absolutely changed my career. He gives me the practical tools and the confidence to book work. His insight, intuition and passion for the actor’s process make working with him invaluable.” – Daniella Alonso. REVOLUTION

“I have known Risa for nearly thirty years, as casting director, director, teacher, theater co-member, sounding board, friend, and advocate. What continues to inspire me most is her enduring passion for, and support of, actors, and the work that they do. Risa loves the process, she loves the people, and she continues to be devoted to locating, nurturing, and assisting in the growth of each individual’s specific gifts.” Evan Handler. CALIFORNICATION

“Steve is an amazing teacher and coach. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He has helped me find my confidence, and I have grown immensely as an actor thanks to his teaching.” -Ahna O’Reilly. THE HELP, JOBS, CBGB

Is Risa brilliant? Yes. Can she articulate what it takes to perform on a different level- one that provokes and inspires because it chimes with a common humanity that exists in all of us? Yes. But beyond just being an amazing teacher, writer, director, and casting director, Risa was able to make me, an agent-less, essentially credit-less actor at the time, step into a heavy-duty environment, stacked with multiple Academy Award winners and quiet the doubts that plagued me (probably all actors) by teaching me to focus on two powerful truths: one, that it is only about the work (and not the outside stuff) and two (and maybe more importantly) she taught me to ask- Why not me? Someone is going to be in this position, do this part, carve a career, why can’t it be me? If anyone wonders who to study with, I always send them her way. -Donal Logue, TERRIERS, GROUNDED FOR LIFE

Steve’s approach to the work has transformed me as an actor. I know how much I have grown and opened up as a result of his class, and I continually see that same transformation happening to my fellow students.” -Katie Featherston. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY

I was engaged from the start and felt like we could have gone on. I left feeling more confident and really excited to play. thanks for giving us all permission to be ourselves and bring our sense of fun. And to see how much that parrot on my shoulder with those negative beliefs can paralyze and stiffen me. Thanks for your patience, generosity, insight and encouragement. I know what I need to do and I’m really excited about it. – Dendrie Taylor. The Fighter, Jarhead

I cannot express enough the difference his class has made in my abilities as an actor and the impact it has had on my life. Thank you Steve, from the bottom of my heart.” -Anna Silk. LOST GIRL

Risa is a woman saturated with knowledge, history, experience, language, depth… and balls. Mostly her own. I would encourage anyone to take the opportunity to work with this extraordinary woman. My life is richer for the time I’ve spent with her. -Pamela Adlon. CALIFORNICATION

“Steve has such a keen sense of the human experience and is able to convey his observations and relate them to the process of acting in such a sensitive yet point blank way. I have benefited greatly from his coaching.” – Dave Baez. DEXTER

Risa’s class was such a wonderfully invigorating day of exploration. The special thing about Risa is that her attitude and passion gave us as actor’s the freedom, and more importantly the permission, to get out of our own way. To be committed to what we were doing, no matter if it was right or wrong. I will be back!- Aaron Tveit. GOSSIP GIRL

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