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Coach With Steve

Coach With Steve

Why not walk into the room with supreme strength and undeniable clarity?

Let’s face it. Auditions can bring up a whole bunch of big feelings. Whether you love the material or hate it; you’re thrilled to be seeing a casting director or pissed off because she hasn’t called you in for a year, big feelings abound. But no matter what you feel, those feelings MUST be dealt with within the world of the play if you’re going to have any hope of having a truthful, human experience that resonates with the people who might hire you.

If you want to own your audition, your unique feelings- your nerves, your anger, your joy, etc- must inform the specific choices you make about the world of the play. Used properly, your truthful feelings can book you work. Ignored, they sabotage your audition and make you walk out feeling small. Worst. Feeling. Ever.

Whether it’s comedy, drama or something in between, audition coaching with Steve Braun allows you to craft a unique human experience in the audition room using you- your instincts and feelings- as well as effortlessly adapt to any note you are given in the room. Steve forces you to make strong, personal and unique choices that allow you to audition like a champion. Do everything you can to walk in that room with strength and clarity. Book a coaching session with Steve today.

Acting Coach: Steve Braun
Duration: 1 hour (unless otherwise specified)
Schedule: As needed
Location: Studio City, via Skype, or over the phone
Requirements: Open to actors of all levels
Cost: $100/hr

Request a Coaching Session with Steve Braun:

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