Acting Workshops – Teen Actors Workshop (ages 10-13)


2013 Workshop for young actors (ages 10-13)

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The BGB Studio’s Summer Workshop for Young Teens is back!

This is an amazing week long workshop for Young Actors, age 10-13.
July 22-26, Monday – Friday 10 am – 3 pm daily


BGB Studios_3.10.13-114$500 for the entire week. Register Before June 3 for a 10% discount.

Young actors have so much wonderful artistry to offer. But left untrained that artistry lacks focus and goes tragically untapped.

While young actors are often taught to be nothing more than adorable or precocious, BGB’s Teen Actors Workshop offers tweens and teenagers the opportunity to dig deeper and to fully explore and express all of their unique feelings in a safe and playful environment.

BGB’s Teen Actors Workshop offers a full week of on-camera work, audition technique, Meisner exercises, Improv, movement, voice, scene study, writing and more to give every teenage actor all the tools to grow as an artist, to book work, and have fun doing it!

class 030Whatever training they have or don’t have, this work will transform every young actor.

The BGB Young Teen Actors Workshop is a week long class for young actors who are serious about training and enthusiastic about creating!

The classes will be taught by Risa Bramon Garcia, Steve Braun, Will Doughty, and Specialists sharing yoga, voice/singing & a wonderful clowning workshop.

We meet daily 10 am – 3 pm at our space at: The BGB Studio, 10999 Riverside Drive, Suite 301, North Hollywood, CA, 91602

For more on Steve, click here. For more on Risa, click here. For more on Will, click here. Additional expert instructors are joining us over the next couple of months, so stay tuned.

BGB Studios_3.10.13-180In our week together -
-Become more comfortable working in front of the camera
-Learn to interpret any text and find its clues
-Identify how to make a character your own & bring yourself to the role
-Express your unique voice
-Make the best and boldest choices possible
-Experience how our work and play co-exist
-Bring your improvisational impulses into your self-expression
-Play and create in an ensemble of fellow young artists

See our Backstage Experts’ piece: 5 Ways for Teen Actors to Find Success

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Messages from our students, past and present…

“I took Risa’s class and thought she was amazing. Risa has a special way of explaining things, and I learned more from her in that class than I have in weeks and weeks of other classes. She helps you understand that there is no right or wrong way to do things. You have to feel what you are doing and just KEEP IT SIMPLE. Risa helped me know that I was enough.” – Lexi, age 14

I’ve had the greatest experience in Risa and Steve’s Teen class. I really feel as if each individual actor has had an emotional and/or mental realization and discovery through the workshop’s brilliant guidance. Whether working with Steve, Will, or Risa, I see an immense and powerful change in myself and my fellow peers. I really cannot thank them enough for an amazing workshop and an immeasurable experience. I recommend this class to anyone; not only has it been fantastic for me as an actor, but also for me just as a human being. – Raina, age 16

This workshop has helped me not only be more fully honest in how I’m feeling, it’s also escalated my passion for acting.” – Ava, age 14

In acting there are no “wrong” choices, as long as they’re honest. This class is a wonderfully safe place to try all of the “non-wrong” choices that I can think of! To become successful in my craft, this class is a necessity! - Jonathon, age 16

I’ve learned a lot that I will take with me for the rest of my career. – Lucia, age 15

It’s been refreshing and comforting to know that acting is not just intense but fun as well. Fun in the sense that I could feel acting instead of striving for it. I’m learning that I need to be real and find that realness of the character in myself and bring my life through the character to bring her to life. I never saw acting that way before. I went to this class not knowing where I was with acting, but now I do know where I am and where I should go, and I know what challenges await me before I “arrive” (if one ever can arrive). I don’t think one can, though. I think art can only be discovered and explored, not claimed and settled in. That’s what I’ve learned. I love this journey.” – Leslie, age 16

The BGB Teen Workshop has helped me become more emotionally connected to my work. Now when I pick up a script I not only see the lines, but the emotions behind them and that makes all the difference. – Elly, age 15

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