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OLD Acting Classes – The Audition Experience

The Audition Experience

Be bold. Be unique. Be your best self in the audition room.


Your career starts in the audition room. Unless you bring a whole lot of strength, connection, and clarity with you, it ends there, too.

The Audition Experience is an essential 8 week audition intensive taught by audition expert, Risa Bramon Garcia (director, casting director, producer, teacher of 35 years). Dismantling the fear, Risa strips you down to your boldest, most personal, and specific self, allowing you to make your most authentic choices in your preparation and right there in the audition room.


This class introduces you to a whole new way of experiencing your auditions and your entire acting practice.

It includes assigned scenes, material you find yourselves, and on-camera work (for at least half of the classes), along with Meisner exercises, improv, and writing to bring you closer to a more connected audition moment in the room.

This class is for working actors currently auditioning on a regular basis.

“For ANY ACTOR who is on the fence or thinking about it – just GET THERE! Risa’s class is the MOST BANG for the BUCK you can get! You’ll carry the power and information from her class with you for a very long time.” – Peter Murnik, JUSTIFIED

That was the BEST acting class I’ve ever taken. Ever.” Julie Meyer, LA working actor

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Teachers: Risa Bramon Garcia with Steve Braun and Will Doughty
Duration: 8 weeks
Next Session Schedule: TBD
Location: 10999 Riverside Dr, Suite 301, North Hollywood, CA 91602
Requirements: By application or invitation only. This class is for working actors currently auditioning. (Cancellation Policy)
Cost: 2 payments of $350. $700 for the entire 8 week program.

If you have to miss a class, there is one make-up provided with another BGB class, as available and with restrictions. Please read our Cancellation and Make up Policy

*This workshop is a class, designed as a learning experience. It is not an audition or employment opportunity. There is no suggestion or guarantee of an audition or employment as a result of taking this class.

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 Messages from our actors, past and present…

Andy Lauer testimonial


“Because of Risa Bramon Garcia, I’ve worked with Oliver Stone, booked four Series Regular roles and done theater in New York… And I am an LA based actor. With her there are no limits. She will bring out talents and confidence you didn’t even know you had. Do you want to work? Study with Risa. She will change you as an actor.”
Andy Lauer, Screamers




“Steve makes your work more specific, unique and true to you. He allows you to be vulnerable in a safe and encouraging environment. As an actor or artist this kind of continuous development is priceless.”
Chantel Giacalone

enrico colantoni


“You always find the time to push things further; the expansion of your voice as an artist and as a conduit for other artists/actors expanding theirs. I felt you had my back as a Casting Director, I always wanted you to direct me in one of your films for the same reason; you understand what we do as actors and you always know what it takes for us do our absolute best. It is your authentic creative spirit that leads you to creating such a generous space for artists. Thank you.”
Enrico Colantoni, Galaxy Quest

jaimeray“I booked a wonderful pilot today and I really owe you a lot of it. As I was walking into the audition I read this sentence that you wrote me: “The difference between good and spectacular is ease, spontaneity, and being totally in the moment, as well as a deeper personal connection.” I had a very easy, very loose screen test. And I got the gig. I’m so grateful to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Jaime Ray Newman, Eastwick

coreyparker“Thank you Risa for an amazing workshop in Memphis that elevated all who attended. I learn so much from watching you, as I always have. 30 years ago, onstage in New York, you were totally creative, passionate and open. In that production you built something bright, profound and joyful. Here we are together once again, and your light burns so bright, undiminished! You are both fiercely driven and receptive to each and every actor. You guide them as individuals and as a group while honoring every single one of those actors. You can turn on a dime, breathtakingly flexible with a true steadiness and compassion. Wow! You rocked Memphis. And you continue to blaze a trail with every workshop and coaching. You bring mind, heart, and spirit. I am so grateful to have worked with you once again. So much love and respect, Corey”
Corey Parker, Biloxi Blues

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