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Acting Classes – The Pilot Season Master Class

Pilot Season Master Class

This Pilot Season should be your Pilot Season.

risaJoin Risa (along with Steve & guests) for 10 weeks of an intensive pilot audition workout. The Pilot Season Master will improve both your audition process and your ability to read the room. It will enhance how specifically and quickly you interpret the text of your sides, allowing you to make the most authentic and boldest choices with ease and power. It will inspire you to go deeper. It will provide you with the tools to remain both spontaneous and in control, fully inside the scene. We’ll work on camera with a range of material and in the company of fellow seasoned actors, developing a consistent practice that will serve you in
your work in any room.

Having auditioned the industry’s greatest actors for the industry’s greatest directors, Risa will give you the skills to “own the room”. You’ll never audition the same way again.

It’s a time. To prepare effectively – Make stronger, clearer, more impactful choices with ease – Articulate your authentic voice – Make the audition room your comfort zone – Know the camera and how it sees you – Rekindle your passion for acting and the joy of the work (in and beyond the audition) – Make your every chance to act count.

“I’m a big believer in the scene living between/among the relationships – no actor can act alone – and I focus on that connection – the other character being the focus of your intention. I also believe strongly in the work evolving from what’s on the page; the clues are right there in the text. Most of all I want you to simplify what you do, distill it down, so that you can craft the scene and live it quickly, vividly, truthfully and uniquely. I’ve developed this process through all my years of work in theatre, film and television in NY and LA, and I’m excited to share it with you in these 10 weeks of collaborative exploration.” –Risa


Join Risa for 10 weeks of intensive pilot audition training with 12-15 professional actors. The Pilot Season Master Class both refines your audition process and your ability to interpret the text, making the best and boldest choices possible, connecting with the other actors in the scene, staying truthful, authentic, and in the moment… in your preparation and right there in the room. Having auditioned the industry’s greatest actors for the industry’s greatest directors, Risa gives you the skills to “own the room” and demystify the entire audition experience. You’ll identify how to stay both relaxed and in control – fully inside the scene. This process works for auditions, rehearsals, reading, performances – all your work on set and on stage. By invitation or application only.

Teachers: Risa Bramon Garcia and Steve Braun
Duration: 10 weeks
Location: 10999 Riverside Dr Unit 301. North Hollywood, CA
Requirements: For actors with a strong resume and at least 5 years professional experience. By invitation or application only
Cost: 2 installments of $350. $700 for the entire 10 week program