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Finding Your Power | Letting Go | The Five Elements

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The BGB Studio’s 10 Day Actor’s Challenge: FINDING YOUR POWER 

10 days of self exploration, deep connection, creative fulfillment, and the calling forth of your immense POWER.

Let Risa and Steve guide you for 10 days through a series of audios and exercises and watch how your life transforms. They guide you through a daily practice of meditation, writing, connected movement, expressing your artistry, and giving. This is the fuel that drives a whole, happy life AND a successful acting career.

The BGB Studio’s 10 Day Actor’s Challenge: LETTING GO 

The Actor’s Challenge is a commitment to do what it takes to be the most creative, connected, and boldest actor you can be. In this challenge, we focus on LETTING GO of everything that keeps you from being happy and prosperous. Every day. For 10 straight days. Who will you be when you’ve let go of everything that’s in your way?

The BGB Studio’s 10 Day Actor’s Challenge: THE FIVE ELEMENTS 

The Actor’s Challenge that started it all. Through a series of audios and exercises, Risa and Steve guide you through a daily practice of meditation, writing, connected movement, acting and “giving.”

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Your Guides

Risa Bramon Garcia

For the past 30+ years Risa’s worked consistently as a director, producer, casting director, and teacher. Having directed two feature films, “200 Cigarettes” and “The Con Artist,” she has also directed for television and dozens of plays in New York & LA. Her casting résumé includes more than 100 feature films, TV shows, & plays. Risa is dedicated to the growth of every actor’s artistry, to their evolution as expansive artists and whole human beings.

Steve Braun

Steve Braun is a husband, father, actor, acting coach and communication consultant. He has trained in martial arts and Buddhist mindfulness for over 20 years, a journey that has taken him from the ego-driven external pursuit of being a bad-ass to the powerful internal pursuit of conquering Self through Meditation and Qi Gong. He left a successful, 15 year acting career to work on the first Obama campaign, teaching staff and volunteers the power of their own voice. His purpose is to help passionate people discover and express their unique emotional truth.

10 Day Actor’s Challenge: 3-in-1 Bundle Details

Led By: Risa Bramon Garcia and Steve Braun

Dates: Right now.

Questions: Call or Email us: 818-755-9500 / online@bramongarciabraun.com

Location: Your computer or device from anywhere in the world.

Ideal for: An open mind and heart

Cost: $19.99 FREE for all 3 Challenges. Just sign up!