Writing For Actors

It’s Time To Take Control Of Your Career

Are you tired of waiting for the industry to come to you? Constantly feel like you can’t be seen for the roles you are right for? Now is the time to take control of your career, expand the scope of your artistry, and forge your own career by creating your own work.

The role of the actor starts the day you arrive on set and concludes when you finish shooting. But there is a much richer, collaborative, creative world out there that actors can be a part of if they just start exploring the creation and execution of their own content. Writing for Actors opens the door to that world: Come learn how to be an actor who creates work.

It’s time to actualize your creative ideas and dive into the process of writing. 




Writing for Actors is an eight-week writing class that challenges you to explore a new page of your creative life. You’ll learn the fundamental lessons of screenwriting by using language and material familiar to actors while simultaneously exploring a collaborative workshop process, which provides you with the opportunity to hear your work out loud, receive positive and constructive feedback and continue to develop your material.

Actors are storytellers by nature, our instincts for character, story, intention are all there, Writing for Actors helps you translate those gifts to the language of the page and expand your ability to tell visual stories. Five of 2015 Writers Guild nominees this year were actors or former actors. Join the revolution of creating your own content, become a triple threat. Embrace the changing industry. Tell your stories, instead of hoping and waiting for them to come to you.

Writing for Actors provides actors with the basic building blocks to write a screenplay, pilot, or web series from the ground up. Each weekly exploration of the fundamentals builds upon the next, providing you at the end of the eight weeks with not only a project that has already been workshopped and developed but more importantly a tool kit you can continue to use going forward for any future projects.

The Work

Classes 1 & 2

focus on using your emotional truth to find stories that can be fictionalized and developed and learning how to structure and plot out a story for either a feature, short, webseries or television show.

Classes 3 & 4

focus on how to develop characters and how to craft a scene for the medium of film, while beginning to workshop your material.

Classes 5 & 6

focus on the use of devices to strengthen your story and building sequences and how to apply those sequences to building a series from the ground up.

Weeks 7 & 8

focus on  establishing motifs and themes throughout your story as well as exploring the business side of writing, and what the next steps are in your writing journey.

Class Details
Teacher: Alexa Alemanni Location: The BGB Studio, 10999 Riverside Dr., Suite 301, North Hollywood, CA 91602
Dates: NEW DATES COMING SOON Requirements: By application or invitation only.(Cancellation Policy)
Duration: 8 weeks Cost: 2 installments of $310. $620 for the entire 8 week program. (*There are NO make up classes offered for this class but Alexa will catch you up)
Your Teacher(s)

    Alexa Alemanni is a graduate of VASSAR COLLEGE with a degree in theater and history. As an actress, she is most known for playing the role of Allison for four seasons on the hit AMC show,  MAD MEN for which she won the SCREEN ACTORS GUILD AWARD of the BEST ENSEMBLE. She has also appeared in multiple feature films, and most recently, MASTERS OF SEX and CRIMINAL MINDS.

    In collaboration with her writing partner, a former Sunday Company Groundlings member, she began developing her career as a writer as well. They began three years ago when they were recognized by THE TRACKING BOARD’S YOUNG AND HUNGRY list for their pilot APPLETOWN. They worked as staff writers on TNT’s THE LIBRARIANS, this past year they were hired to write a big budget studio sequel for BLACK LABEL MEDIA,  and are in the process of writing another feature for GREY EAGLE FILMS. A few of their other features are also in development with Oscar-nominated directors and producers. Their film, GRIEF CAMP is green-lit at $5 mil and is slated to shoot in Mississippi in March with Alexa in the lead role, as well as an ensemble A-list cast, with the producers of the upcoming film LIFE AT THESE SPEEDS.

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