Your BGB Summer Classes


The Work with James Eckhouse

You’ve studied, you’ve trained – you’re out there ‘in the trenches.’ In the audition room, on the set, and on stage you need to show up in peak form.

It is essential to keep ourselves at the top of our game. In The Work with James Eckhouse you will reignite your core, reinforce your point of view, hone your craft, and sharpen every piece in your ‘toolkit’.


The Saturday Workout

The Saturday Workout is a muscular and energizing acting workout. Rachel Kimsey challenges actors to own their power, bring all of themselves to their work and never stop growing. Rachel’s blend of exercises and scene work from various techniques and genres keeps you sharp, engaged and on the path to electrifying work.


The Sunday Workout

You need to engage in a constant acting practice to sharpen your artistry to an undeniable point. The Sunday Workout is that training. Tim Conlon’s infectious passion for the work infuses this weekly acting exploration, making it an essential part of your acting life.


The Ongoing On-Camera/Audition Practice w/ Christy Faison 

Image a world in which you feel confident and totally prepared for any challenge that comes your way in the audition world – a world in which you are less in your head and the most open you’ve ever been. A world in which your your work and preparation allows you to let true, genuine moments flow through you.

In The Ongoing On-Camera/Audition Practice, taught by casting director and teacher, Christy Faison, you are in the ongoing practice of working on camera and in a casting setting so that you are completely on your game in your auditions and in all the work you do. Anywhere. Anytime.

Meet Risa and Steve at the Studio

Once a month Risa and Steve offer an opportunity for you to come by the studio, sit down with them, and find out more about the amazing work going on at The BGB Studio. Join us!