Your Ongoing BGB Classes

Stay in championship shape with a deep, never-ending exploration of your dynamic talent.


The Working Actor

It’s a new day. It’s 2018 and what it means to be a working actor has changed. Success in this business requires razor-sharp chops, a dynamic set of artistic skills and the ability to be a self-starting creator. Actors who don’t embrace that get left behind.

The Working Actor with Adrienne Carter will empower you to create….on set, on stage, in the audition, in your living room, with an agent, without an agent, anywhere, anytime anyway. This cutting-edge ongoing acting class weaves championship acting training with writing, creating and performing. This is the class for this time and place. This is the class that pushes back against the old power structures of the industry where an actor knows her place. This is the class that doesn’t accept that an actor should wait for permission. If you’re an actor right now, this is your dynamic, full-body ongoing workout class.


The Casting Room

Whether you are coming back to class following a hiatus, arriving after college and need to figure out how to make it in LA, or want to keep your “engine” in championship shape, THE CASTING ROOM is your anchor. This is an ongoing workout where you get to show up every week for yourself and for the work, keeping your craft sharp and your career on track.

Taught by veteran teacher, coach, and Casting Director, Caroline Liem, this ongoing practice will strengthen your acting muscle so that you can be working at your absolute best, all the time. And- just as essential- be a whole, happy actor.


The Sunday Workout

You need to engage in a constant acting practice to sharpen your artistry to an undeniable point. The Sunday Workout is that training. Tim Conlon’s infectious passion for the work infuses this weekly acting exploration, making it an essential part of your acting life.

Meisner exercises and scene work keep you in fighting shape. An ensemble of bold, committed, talented actors share in a powerful practice every Sunday. An inspired way to end the weekend and be ready for anything the coming week brings!


The Saturday Workout

The Saturday Workout is a powerful, energizing acting workout for hungry actors looking to take their craft and career to the next level. Rachel Kimsey challenges you to own your power, bring all of yourself- mind, body, and heart- to your work and never stop growing. Her blend of exercises and scene work from various techniques and genres keeps you in fighting shape and ready for anything that comes your way on set, on camera, or on stage.

Join Rachel for a weekly workout that will build your confidence, challenge your beliefs, and charge your creative spirit.


The Friday Daytime Workout

You need to engage in a constant acting practice to sharpen your artistry to an undeniable point. The Friday Daytime Workout is that training. Tim Conlon’s infectious passion for the work infuses this weekly daytime acting exploration, making it an essential part of your acting life. Work nights? We got you covered. The Friday Daytime Workout offers the high-level training you need to fit your busy schedule.

Cold-read scenes and Meisner exercises build your audition muscles so that you can make bold personal choices instantly. Being able to prepare quickly and show up for anything is what helps empower your all of your acting work.

The Friday Daytime Workout with Tim fuels your passion and keeps you in fighting shape.


The Ongoing On-Camera Workout w/ Jami Rudofsky

Your work in the audition room must reflect your talent, your experience, your own personal point of view. This is where you get to be seen. This is where you actually get to do what you love. The Audition / On-Camera Workout with Jami Rudofsky turns the casting room into a place of opportunity, providing you with the skills and confidence to do your boldest and most honest work. Just like athletes must diversify exercise routines, stay in shape, and find new ways to develop their skills, this ongoing class give you a powerful weekly workout where you can bring your personal best.


The Ongoing On-Camera/Audition Practice w/ Christy Faison

Imagine a world in which you feel confident and totally prepared for any challenge that comes your way in the audition world – a world in which you are less in your head and the most open you’ve ever been. A world in which your your work and preparation allows you to let true, genuine moments flow through you.

InTheOngoing On-Camera/Audition Practice, taught by casting director and teacher,Christy Faison,you are in the ongoing practice of working on camera and in a casting setting so that you are completely on your game in your auditions and in all the work you do. Anywhere. Anytime.

Meet Risa and Steve at the Studio

Once a month Risa and Steve offer an opportunity for you to come by the studio, sit down with them, and find out more about the amazing work going on at The BGB Studio. Join us!