BGB Gives Back – June 2017

Seeds of Hope – This past week, BGB actors spent time with Seeds of Hope, an organization dedicated to working with congregations, communities, and schools, to turn unused land into productive and beautiful gardens and orchards that provide fresh and nutritious foods to areas of need across the county of Los Angeles.

“Volunteering at the garden party with Seeds of Hope is just the kind of literal and soulful grounding every body truly needs. Not only is getting your hands dirty weeding, planting, and cultivating life so nourishing, but the company and organic conversations that flow about life are simply joyful.  I love gardening and especially loved doing so with a community of diverse folks getting back to simple ways of being in touch with the land and other humans. For me, it was a like-minded approach to food justice and sustainability akin to my passion project on IG: @eatscommunity, so I loved the synergy. Plus, there was pizza…made with the fruits of the earth we cultivated.  This is what I call yum-fun with purpose!”

-Jane Park Smith, BGB Actor

If you’re interested in joining us in more of these community events, email Nancy Ma at

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