5 Habits of Our Most Successful Clients That Actors Need to Know

5 Habits of Our Most Successful Clients That Actors Need to Know

By Steve Braun


The BGB Studio offers classes and coaching for actors of all levels, but a few of our actors are the kind of people you see on television and in movies often. These are the actors who don’t spend more than a month or so without work. They go from series regular to series regular, or from great movie to great movie. They are living the life of a successful actor. And while they all have amazing, unique talent, there are certain basic habits that all of our very successful clients share.

1. They show up on time. Being prompt indicates a level of organization, commitment and responsibility that is necessary for long term success. Despite very busy audition, work, and promotion schedules, each of our most successful actors shows up to coaching and classes on time or early, fully prepared to dig deep and be bold. Of course, life can get in the way, but people who don’t know how to plan for traffic, organize their time and respect other people’s time, have a much harder time managing the hardships of a successful acting career. While the tabloids romanticize those one or two renegade actors who do whatever they want whenever they want, studios and producers are not likely to invest money in someone who isn’t reliable.

2. They struggle with low self-esteem. They are beautiful and talented, but every one of our most successful actors deals with insecurity. They manage it with hard work and acceptance, but it’s a constant struggle.

3. Hearing “no” doesn’t stop them. Being denied is a truth that every actor must accept. Our most successful clients feel the pain of rejection, appreciate that the pain of rejection means they were emotionally invested in that audition, and move on to the next one. Many of them have even been re-cast or fired at least once, but they continue, because they love acting and they know that their talent exists outside the business.

4. They train. Our most successful clients come back to class when they’re not working, and they coach on every audition and every scene of everything they shoot, not because they need us, but because they want to engage fully in the process.

5. Acting isn’t their everything. They love it, but each of our most successful clients has other interests that they passionately pursue: dogs, travel, family, music, painting, etc. They know that hyperfocus on acting leads to a less-dynamic life and less-dynamic acting. They use their other interests to bring meaning to the down time when they’re not acting.

Five habits do not a star make, and success certainly doesn’t come without an immense amount of talent. However, reliability, accepting human frailty, managing resistance, training hard, and having a life are key to finding success in your career.


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