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Every few weeks we feature a BGB Studio Actor: A glimpse into the life of an actor who is an active part of our BGB Community. Each of them has a meaningful story. Each of them has touched us deeply. Enjoy each of our unique and gifted artists and learn more about them and their journey right here.

BGB ACTOR PORTRAIT: Yetide – Actress

Past Portraits of our Actors

This Is Who We Are

These are some of the amazing artists whose presence helps create our community. This is who we are. #BGBCommunity Photos by Matthew John Gonzalez.

Second Act. by Harley Jane Kozak

My whole life I wanted to be an actor—and a mom. By my late thirties I’d pulled off the former, but not the latter. I couldn’t grow a houseplant, let alone a baby, and my one post-childhood pet, a goldfish named Steve, survived one weekend. The men in my life were like Steve. As it [...]

An Actor’s Musings on Motherhood. by E.B.

It’s a strange symptom of being a mother, and one I really didn’t expect. This abundance of feeling. This universal sadness. These bitter tastes of pain, refluxing like vile, that you experience completely out of the blue. When somebody flippantly mentions a news story about a kidnapped child; when you have that moment in the [...]

Motherhood and Acting: Backwards and in High Heels. by Cate Cohen

A couple of weeks ago, I booked a series of car commercials that shot during my kids’ Spring Break. It was like hitting the jackpot: a potentially nice pay day AND time off during a two-week span of hardcore mothering. But, as is often the case, the reality of the job turned out to be [...]

Motherhood: Acting 101. by Amy Stewart

Before I had my son, I had been told countless times that I would experience a shift in perspective that would impact my acting career. What my peers were referring to was a re-prioritization in my life that would make each casting session less precious. Instead of “Would you like to see it another way,” [...]

The Inspiration of Community

By Lauren Shippen When I walked into BGB over three years ago, uncertain and nervous about what I’d find there, I could never have anticipated just how profoundly the studio would affect my life. At first it was a place for me to stretch my wings; find my voice and learn to trust my instincts. The more [...]

Dom Burgess – Actor / Writer / Filmmaker

Dom Burgess, actor, writer, filmmaker, is a part of our BGB Community. In the time he’s been part of BGB, we’ve seen him evolve into a multi-hypenate powerhouse, his talent bursting forth in a multitude of ways. He’s also one of the stars of the limited series, FEUD, alongside Susan Sarandon, Jessica Lange, Alfred Molina, Stanley [...]

Ben Lear – Actor / Writer / Filmmaker

Actor of BGB: Ben Lear has stepped behind the camera and made a powerful documentary, THEY CALL US MONSTERS. This has been a passion project he worked on for several years which evolved into this powerful exploration of youth behind bars. Take a look at the Video Interview below in which Ben talks about his journey of making this film and […]

Jake McLean – Actor / The Doctor

 TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT YOU THAT NOBODY ELSE KNOWS, THAT HELPS YOU AS AN ACTOR.  I was trying to think of something really special and important that no one would know, but the truth is I’m a pretty open book. However there is one thing, and it’s somewhat embarrassing. Before every shoot or audition I [...]

Frankie Kraft – Actor / Activist

WHY ARE YOU AN ACTOR? Because I love it. That still remains, but now I believe my purpose as an actor is greater than myself. I learned while doing volunteer work for The Trevor Project (an organization that provides 24/7 support for at-risk LGBTQ + youth) that art helps young people contemplating suicide escape from [...]

Irene White – Actress / Writer / Francophile / Cat Enthusiast

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN A HYPHENATE? Actress/Writer/Francophile/Cat Enthusiast WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE THING TO DO? Well, on a micro level, I love to go to the salad bar at Gelson's (they have avocado!) and then go home and turn on a "Law & Order" marathon and eat my big salad and drink wine with [...]




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