An Actor’s Case Against Trump

Throughout history it’s been the actor’s job to speak the truth, to “reflect the universe so that all may understand it,” as my first acting teacher used to say.  You get to the emotional core of life and then take action based on what you find there.  And taking action is an essential part of it. It’s not enough for us sensitive people to feel deeply. From that feeling we have to actively pursue something. Our feelings must lead to action.

And that’s rarely more true than during an election, particularly during an election in which one candidate seems to be doing everything he can to divide and demean us.

Your work as actors is the expression of your unique experience in order to connect people to a universal understanding. Out of one, many. Donald Trump’s work has been personal gain at all costs. Out of Trump, Trump.

Watch the video and VOTE!


We are The BGB Studio and we approve this message.

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