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An Actor’s Resolve

The New Year brings with it a clearer sense of focus and motivation. You’ve taken stock over the holidays and you’re ready to take action. You want a successful acting career and you want it bad.

So, what now? How do you turn New Year’s motivation into the real, practical stuff of kicking ass in the film and TV business? While there’s no set path to acting greatness and nothing you do can guarantee that you’ll be a star, here are four practical steps you can take this week that will help your acting career.

1. Train. All the time. Get in a class or classes and learn everything there is to know about acting, filmmaking and theatre. Think you already know how to act? Do yourself a favor and humble yourself with a new technique or teacher. Even if it turns out not to be your cup of tea, you’ll grow. Train to keep your skills sharp, to grow as an actor and a human being and to stay engaged with a community of artists.

2. Write and record your own material and then distribute it on the internet. Actors have never had this much power; cameras, editing programs and distribution have never been this accessible. These days the only thing that is keeping you from creating art is you. It’s all there for you. You don’t need an agent, a stage manager, a Casting Director or a studio executive. So, go on and create. Like, today.

3. Organize your tools. Headshots, resume, reel, website, etc. They should all be in order so that you can pull them out of your back pocket at a moment’s notice without taking a week to update them. Make sure your shots, resume and reel are current. You don’t have to spend the earth on this stuff (like the ridiculous photographers who charge $700-$1000 a shoot) but you should invest in good quality tools. If you need recommendations, email me.

4. Be self aware. Take a fierce inventory of your goals and what you might be doing to keep yourself from reaching them. Every actor has room to grow. Evaluate where you need to grow and work to achieve that growth.


Let’s get to it! Join one of our revolutionary classes today.

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