Audition/On-Camera Classes

It’s time to bring the full force of your talent into your auditions.

Our on-camera classes offer you the tools to become an undeniable force who can walk into any audition and command the room, elevate any script to the level of humanity, and leave the decision-makers wanting more.

We offer 8-week and Ongoing On-Camera classes.

It’s time to train where the Audition Champions train.

We’re here to help you sharpen your audition skills, bring audition ease, & transcend the audition process so that you can BOOK WORK!

Let us know more about what you’re looking for in an On-Camera/Audition class in the application below, and we’ll get back soon with a class offer.

Meet Risa and Steve at the Studio

Once a month Risa and Steve offer an opportunity for you to come by the studio, sit down with them, and find out more about the amazing work going on at The BGB Studio. Join us!