An Essential 8-Week Audition Workout

Most professionals – from surgeons, customer service agents, teachers, and athletes – continuously practice and develop skills that keep them on their game and expand their level of expertise. It’s said that practice allows us to perform any task while using less and less brain activity: has there ever been a time that you came up with an idea while driving, in the shower, or brushing your teeth? Imagine a world in which you feel confident and totally prepared for any challenge that comes your way in the audition room.

The Audition Practice is a remarkable opportunity to practice that kind of work with Christy Faison, one of the smartest, most committed, actor-loving Casting Directors around, and a seasoned BGB Master Teacher.

In these 8 weeks you’ll work mostly on camera and in a casting setting, figuring out who you are in any given scene. You’ll go deeper, get more personal, and bring your individual voice to any material in the most authentic way possible. You’ll dig in with Christy each week, mining what’s unique about you, then bringing your wonderful, specific point of view to your auditions.

This class is not an audition or employment opportunity and there is no suggestion or guarantee of an audition or employment as a result of taking this class.



In this 8 week On-Camera/Audition Practice, you are in the practice of working on camera and in a casting setting each week so that you can claim and express your bold, unique voice in your auditions.

You’ll become more at ease, doing the kind of work that will affect your audience deeply. Break down the door between your talent and any confines you may have previously experienced in the audition room. Allow everyone to be moved by your wonderful, unique talent.

The Details

Teacher:Christy Faison
Dates:June 18th – August 13th. No class on July 2.  Sign up now as this class fills fast!
Duration:8 weeks. Mondays, 7pm – 10pm.

The BGB Studio

10999 Riverside Dr., Suite 301

North Hollywood, CA 91602

Requirements:For actors who are auditioning and working regularly. By application or invitation only. There are no makeups for this 8-week class. (CANCELLATION POLICY)
Cost:2 installments of $320. $640 for the entire 8 week program.

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The Work

From Christy: The audition process can be scary and frustrating. In this class, the goal is to address your fears and anxieties so that you feel really good about the choices you make in the audition room. We will practice reading in every situation that may be thrown your way from cold readings to prepared scenes.

When I finished my last session, I was so proud of the work we all accomplished. I saw the growth and confidence each actor experienced. In fact, it is the kind of work they were able to bring into their auditions in the “real” world.

It’s not easy to put yourself out on the line, but I will create a safe place for you. You will be challenged. You won’t be able to call it in. We will work hard. We will do this together.

After eights weeks, you will be your best self in every audition. And hopefully, you will feel like you’re not alone.


Your weekly sessions will be on-camera, working with different material each week. You’ll explore pieces from film and television scripts. You’ll find where the material lives in you, how to own your choices, and bring your best self to the work. Your material will come from you or from Christy.

This class is not an audition or employment opportunity and there is no suggestion or guarantee of an audition or employment as a result of taking this class.

Your Teacher(s)
  • Christy Faison
    Christy FaisonTeacher

    Christy Faison has been casting for over ten years. She has worked on various pilots, series and films including Boss, The Newsroom, and Ash vs. Evil Dead. Most recently, she cast the CBS pilot Navy Seal with Risa Bramon Garcia. Always an advocate for actors, Christy believes in creating a warm, safe and fun environment during the audition process.

    More on Christy here.


What Actors are Saying

Enter any room with confidence and strength.

Embrace the power of practice!