A Blueprint For Audition Power

We get it. Your rent, your health insurance, and the very invalidation of your life choices are at stake every audition. And left unchecked, the gut-punch of bad feedback or the deafening silence or indifference start to make you stray from what books work. It makes you fear the audition and expect to be disappointed.  Your work begins to narrow and your artistry eventually dies.

To book work, you must let go and let your unique artistry propel you into the room like a conquering hero. Questions like, “what do I wear?”  “where do I look?” “should I sit or should I stand?” are the questions of an amateur. Champions let the work affect them, have a strong point of view and make bold choices that are guided by their well-tuned instincts. And after doing that work, they walk in the room and boldly offer their work with muscular generosity. The Audition Revolution is an 8-Week Class that shows you how to step boldly into the light of your unique artistry and burn the audition room to the ground with your talent.


The Revolution BEGINS

And it starts with you.

The Audition Revolution is more than an 8-week class. It’s our hope for the work and the industry.  And The Revolution starts with you. You must be a leader, you must be unique and you must know that your work is essential.  The Audition Revolution frees you from what’s in your way and takes you to your undeniable audition power.

The Details

Teacher:Caroline Liem with BGB Master Teachers
DATES:Sundays, September 23rd to November 11th.  Sign up now as this class fills fast!
Duration:8 weeks. 1pm – 4pm.

The BGB Studio

10999 Riverside Dr., Suite 301

North Hollywood, CA 91602

Requirements:An open heart and mind. There are no make-ups for this 8-week class. (Cancellation Policy)
Cost:2 installments of $320. — $640 for the entire 8-week program.

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The Work

This is a remarkable opportunity to work with Caroline Liem, one of the most hardcore casting directors, coaches and teachers in town, along with a bonus of 2 BGB Master Teachers to further explore and expand your Audition experience.

Class 1 – The Audition: Face your resistance head on. The camera, the casting director, the audition room. No coddling, no excuses. What will come up?

Class 2 – Getting Comfortable in the Room: How can you start to get comfortable by taking command of the work you do in your audition?

Class 3 – The Beginning, Middle, and End: Get super specific in crafting your audition.

Class 4 – Your Unique Voice: Find your own beautiful, unique voice in every moment of your audition… and in all the work you do.

Class 5 – The Power of Choices: Take total ownership of your audition by getting present, getting personal, getting connected.

Class 6 –  The Real Audition Room: You’ve never seen the audition process like this.

Class 7 – Owning the Moment: Learn to fly without a net. Trust your instincts and own your talent.

Class 8 – The Booking Mindset: Navigate the treacherous waters of your mind to become an audition champion.

The above schedule is subject to change.

This class is not an audition or employment opportunity and there is no suggestion or guarantee of an audition or employment as a result of taking this class.

Your Teacher(s)

Teachers listed below are subject to change.

  • Caroline Liem
    Caroline LiemTeacher

    Caroline Liem has cast series, pilots, independent/studio features for Fox, Disney Studios, Sony, Warner Bros, Nick Jr, ABC, CBS, NBC, The CW. An international teacher and faculty at Pace Univ., Caroline’s joy and expertise is sharing insight and technique to uncover and guide the artist in recognizing and fully committing to what is unique, genuine and truthful in his or her work. You already possess everything to deliver the best performance under every circumstance. 

    More on Caroline here.

  • Felipe Figueroa
    Felipe FigueroaTeacher

    Felipe Figueroa is an actor that started in the world of musical theater- first in high school and then at NYU.  During and following school he performed in many regional theater stages and his favorite credit of all time is Paul in A CHORUS LINE (played it twice).  He took a hiatus from the business for 8 years and managed a dental office in Philadelphia which put money in the bank and helped pay his loans to NYU.  However, the art tugged at him and he moved to Los Angeles to re-ignite his career.  Favorite credits have been TRANSPARENT, LOPEZ and CRIMINAL MINDS. His favorite aspect of the work is finding his own voice in the script despite what the breakdown and the action lines say.

    More on Felipe here.

  • Will Doughty
    Will DoughtyTeacher

    Will Doughty brings passion and vision to his work that inspires performers to balance structure and freedom in their creative process. With 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry including television credits for NBC, Showtime and Comedy Central and a dozen national commercial campaigns, his classes are high energy, positive, supportive and empowering. Will has been guest teaching at the BGB Studio for over six years and is an advocate for freedom of expression. Will has studied and performed improv in Chicago, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, New York, Austin, and San Francisco. His LA training includes UCB, iOWest, and Second City. Will also co-produced and co-hosted Crashbar Improv weekly for 5 years, which has given birth to the annual LA Indie Improv Festival. Will challenges the improv form by bringing it to the script. His classes blend the spontaneity of improv with grounded scripted material, challenging actors to trust in their process and show up fully to their performance be it comedy or drama. He believes that an actor’s imagination is the defining factor in their craft.

    More on Will here.


Let The Revolution Begin!

It’s time to bring the full force of your talent into the room.