A journey to becoming fully YOU in the room!

Every audition is an opportunity. A chance to book a job, a chance to “book the room,” and most importantly, a chance to be fully seen. The 8-Week Audition Workout– taught by the most generous and intuitive teacher, coach, and Casting Director around, Jami Rudofsky– demystifies the casting room, providing you with the skills and confidence to do your best work and make a lasting impression anywhere, anytime. It reminds you that this is where you get to express your beautiful talent and your uniquely specific point of view. And guess what? It is exactly what books work!


The 8-Week Audition Workout

Lead with artistic power.

If you’re walking into an audition room anxious or disconnected, if you’re walking away feeling disappointed or unfulfilled or that you could have done more, this 8-week journey will sharpen your instrument, ground you with an artistic anchor that will embolden your audition practice, and make the audition room your home. Get specific as you prepare your audition, get grounded as you sit in the waiting room, and start to show up in the audition fully “you!” And find out how to do that in your self-tape! Be undeniable in all the work you do!

The Details

Teacher:Jami Rudofsky
Dates:Tuesdays, October 2nd to November 27th. Sign up now as this class fills fast!
Duration:8 weeks. 7pm – 10pm.

The BGB Studio

10999 Riverside Dr., Suite 301

North Hollywood, CA 91602

Requirements:By application or invitation only. For actors looking to become more at home auditioning. There are no make-ups for this 8-week class. (Cancellation Policy)
Cost:2 installments of $320. $640 for the entire 8-week program.

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The Work

Beyond the practice of reading every week and getting incredible real-world notes from Jami, you’ll get to pick her brain! She knows every aspect of the audition and casting process and will take you through it with the full force of her experience in the casting room and the Industry, having worked with some of the most prominent directors, writers, producers, and actors in town.

Most of the sessions will be on-camera, working with different material and genres each week. Your clips will be sent to you so that you can continue to process your experience. You will find ways to approach the work with clarity, specificity, and bold, personal engagement. You’ll find your voice in the story, discover your own way of interpreting and exploring any scene, and you’ll come to understand how to bring that into any room.

You’ll get into the process with Jami and work out each week for 8 weeks, so that you are able to let go of the nerves, make strong, specific choices, and be your absolute best self in the work. The audition will become something you can finally own. And even enjoy!

This is a class for actors who are auditioning regularly and book work doing so.

This class is not an audition or employment opportunity and there is no suggestion or guarantee of an audition or employment as a result of taking this class.

Your Teacher(s)
  • Jami Rudofsky
    Jami RudofskyTeacher

    Jami has been casting for over 20 years and has worked in every medium. She has previously cast Season 4 of MASTERS OF SEX. She approaches coaching from the perspective of a working Casting Director, helping you identify choices you might not have thought about in preparation. By the time you walk out of your session, you will have the confidence to own the room and the ability to bring your best self to the audition.

    More on Jami here.


What Actors are Saying

Work it out!

Be undeniable in all the work you do!