Back to School Backpacks

Back to School Backpacks

By BGB Studio

It’s that time of the year where parents and their kids rush to Staples or some such store to prepare themselves for another year of learning – pencils, markers, paper, and of course backpacks.  There are kids however, who are in a different place.  They don’t have the same resources and that makes it difficult for them to actively participate in their own education.


To combat this problem, we are partnering with Hope Gardens – an organization offering transitional housing for single mothers and children experiencing homelessness. They provide care and support and work to transition their residents back to independence through rehabilitation programs.  This includes offering tutoring to children.


Here’s where you come in:  in the spirit of giving – giving of yourself with no expectation of getting something back (exactly like your work as an actor) – these kids need the following:



Reusable water bottles

Flash Drives

Poster Board

Construction Paper

Glue Sticks

Colored Pencils


Bring any and/or all of these supplies to our studio – 10999 Riverside Dr. Ste 301, North Hollywood, CA 91602 from now until August 18!  You can drop them off in Studio A.

Help make sure these kids get a chance at becoming artists, teachers, scientists and creators of the future!

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