Ben Lear – Actor / Writer / Filmmaker

Ben Lear – Actor / Writer / Filmmaker

By BGB Studio

Ben Lear

Actor of BGB: Ben Lear has stepped behind the camera and made a powerful documentary, THEY CALL US MONSTERS.

This has been a passion project he worked on for several years which evolved into this powerful exploration of youth behind bars.

Take a look at the Video Interview below in which Ben talks about his journey of making this film and how it has allowed him to create something significant and on his own terms.



They Call Us Monsters movie psoter



For more on THEY CALL US MONSTERS, check out the film’s website HERE.  

And read The Los Angeles Times review of the film HERE & Mass Appeal’s review of the film HERE

To watch  a clip from the film from THEY CALL US MONSTERS, click HERE



And below, Ben shares with us his #MyBGBStory.


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