BEST OF BGB 2017 – This is who we are.

When some of our actors book big fancy jobs and others are struggling to be and feel seen; when there is profound suffering all around and it feels like the world is falling apart; as some Women, People of Color and LGBTQ+ folks are finding and using their powerful voices to make change while others still fall prey to silence; when we desperately need to feel human, to laugh, to crying, to find hope and meaning….

We come back to the work. 

We will always create and defend spaces in which the richness of your unique experience can be expressed. Your voice is the human voice. On set, on stage, in the audition room and in each of our lives, we need it now more than ever. 

We are The BGB Studio.  This is who we are…

These are some of the amazing artists whose presence helps create our community.
Photos by Matthew John Gonzalez.

Michael Lomenda BGB
BGB Actor
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Our BGB Actors and Teachers are the heart of our Studio; this is why we all call BGB homeVideo: Our 2017 MyBGBStory

Our Studio is a place where Artistry meets Industry. This is a place where artistic warriors from all parts of the industry meet in collaboration, on equal footing, digging into the work together. That’s what happened when 7 of the greatest casting directors in the world sat down with 50 of our actors. Here is a taste of that conversation. Have a listen…

BGB Community is where and how we reach out into our community to offer support to those in need. Giving is an essential part of our work as artists, giving back to our communities, giving generously and fully of ourselves, creating bonds locally and globally. It’s also where BGB artists share their creative growth and collaboration. Share with us as we expand our community outside of the Studio and into the world around us.

BGB Equality. Our LGBTQ+ actors are boundary-pushing leaders who have the courage to stand in their truth. We celebrate their unique voices, their deep artistry, and their desire to make our Industry better. Explore BGB Equality

Find more BGB Equality with this brave Podcast: Frankie Kraft On Pride and the powerful BGB Pride Videos here..

BGB Series Regular Podcast Series. While booking a series regular job is often an actor’s primary focus, most actors have no idea what life is actually like as a series regular. To give you the clearest sense of what lies at the end of the Series Regular rainbow, we offer our Podcast Series, SERIES REGULAR, an honest discussion of the reality of being a series regular on a TV show.

Creating Work. Making your own work is what gives you Artistic Independence in an Industry that demand that you stand out. Read more here on creating work and spend some time with BGB actors who, in creating their own content, have changed their careers!

In Rehearsal is a BGB class of remarkable artists who wrote, directed, acted, and crewed 17 shorts in 3 days. One location, one narrative, 24 artists. We advocate for actors to create work and it’s especially gratifying when we get to make work together, taking it from the Studio space to the screen. Watch these powerful Shorts: Secrets & Lies.

The August Wilson Reading Series (AWRS), a new initiative that  was devised to create visibility and opportunity for actors of color.  At The BGB Studio the work was instantly rousing, and AWRS proceeded to present powerful and inspiring rehearsed readings each month, brilliantly mounting August Wilson’s 10 plays in succession.

BGB Productions. In our collaboration with the brilliant artists in our community, we have formed BGB Productions, to support, nurture, and produce new work. Here is a sample of what’s happening:
BGB Actor/Writer/Director/Leader Frankie Kraft has adapted and is directing Anton Chekhov’s THE SEAGULL as a modern LGBTQ+ (and allies) retelling with a predominantly Queer cast! The Seagull flies!

BGB Actors Creating More Work.

Here is just a taste of our BGB actors making their own work, having started creating and collaborating at BGB.

A Texas 3 Step - Trailer for this acclaimed series of short films. A collection of filmmakers, each working in multiple capacities, who shot 3 original short films in one week in Texas. Produced, written, directed, and starring BGBers Mindy Cohn, Michael Scott Allen, Ben Lear, Kate Hamilton, and Alexa Alemanni.

Dominic Burgess’ “Sam Did It” Trailer. A funny and touching short film, written, directed, produced, and starring Dom Burgess, and produced with BGB’s Casey Graff. Oh… and also starring Alfred Molina!

Gracie Mercedes & Clayton Ferris create work every single week, keeping them deep in the creative process and quickly grabbing the attention of the Industry.

Nancy Ma’s One Woman Show Trailer. This provocative work dives into Nancy’s exploration of her humanity as she toes the line between being a child of immigrant Chinese parents in New York City and an American woman standing on her own two feet as an artist.

Katie Featherston created a series- Solace for the Unloved- chronicling the intensely dark and funny internal monologues of a single woman, trying unsuccessfully to keep it all together. Here’s the trailer: Solace for the Unloved. And here are the 20  glorious episodes! That’s creating!

Briggon and Lauren Shippen’s podcast: Bright Sessions and Briggon and Lauren Shippon talk about The Inspiration Of Community. Inspired by the energetic attitude of the Studio and the talented actors I met there – and frustrated with the state of my own career – two years ago I decided to follow BGB’s advice and take matters into my own hands. With a limited budget and no experience in screenwriting, I chose to try my hand at writing a fiction podcast.” – Lauren Shippon. And here’s their amazing BGB CAST!

The Film: The Motherload. A group of BGB actors met at BGB and soon after collaborated on a film. We love that. Written and produced by BGB actors Julia Fisher, Bridget O’Neill, Cher Santiago, Marissa Stahl, Whitney Stropp… Starring BGB actors Dom Burgess, Richardson Jones, Drew Marquardt, James Holloway, Mitch Westphal, Casey Nelson, Julia Fisher, Bridget O’Neill, Cher Santiago, Marissa Stahl (also directing!)

Our amazing Teachers. Each BGB Master Teacher has decades of experience in the business and the work, but what distinguishes them (and what they all have in common) is the degree to which they care about actors and the work itself.

They have a wealth of knowledge, sharp intuition, and a knack for guiding actors to their truth and the truth of the moment. But none of it compares to the amount they care. And to us, that’s everything.

Spend a few minutes with a some of them here: BGB Master Teachers.

It’s everything we know about powerful auditioning. It’s our hope for actors struggling to be seen, and our answer to actors who want to go to the next level. Enough of the sabotage, the shame, the desperate attempt to please.
Success requires leadership. And The BGB Audition Revolution makes leaders. It turns talent into work. And it’s happening at our Studio, now.

Take COMMAND of the Audition Room and all THE WORK you do!

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