BGB Actors: August Wilson Reading Series – The Gem of the Ocean

BGB Actors: August Wilson Reading Series – The Gem of the Ocean

By BGB Studio

“The commonalities of all culture within the life I know best – which is black life, that’s who I am – I’m gonna express that.  That’s what I want my art to be about.  This is the way we do things.  We all bury our dead, we all have parties, we all decorate our houses, but we do it different.  And it ain’t nothing wrong with that. ” 

-August Wilson

The August Wilson Reading series is a new initiative that sprung from Jenelle Randall and Millie Langford’s desire to create opportunities for actors of color. On Saturday, March 25th,  they began their series, going in chronological order of the Century Cycle, with GEM OF THE OCEAN. A powerful piece that begins Mr. Wilson’s journey as he embarks on
the collaged dramatic workings of telling the African-American experience from 1900 to 1990.


With the powerful foundation of his words, an amazingly talented cast, an energetic audience that fueled our purpose every step of the way and that palpability of what Mr. Wilson created, the commonalities of the human experience were definitely felt!

The cast included BGB Actors: Jenelle Randall, Millie Langford, Gavin Houston, McCristol Harris III, and Jamieson Rhyme.  Rounding out the cast were Cecil Burroughs and Dwain Percy.





They send a huge THANK YOU to Risa and Steve and the BGB Studio for accommodating their desire to create work and to their endeavor to help grow a community!

The next reading in the series is slated for Saturday, April 29 at 7pm.  We will be showcasing JOE TURNER’S COME AND GONE.  RSVP Today at!

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