BGB Actors #MyBGBStory

We believe in the power of actors.

We see your power every day at our Studio.  And because that power is clear to us, we don’t engage in training that sees the actor as a helpless child who needs a teacher to spoon feed them.  To the contrary, growth at our Studio happens through skillful, powerful collaboration.  And our actors’ growth is profound.

Amazing things happen when you create a fertile creative environment with an expectation that every actor will push their own boundaries and be seen.  Actors thrive.  They find their voice, become leaders, and walk into audition rooms, on stage, and on set with power.

The unique expression of our actors’ emotional experiences in the world validates our humanity. They move us deeply every class and their talent is the lifeblood of the Studio.

We are bold creators and generous collaborators. We are boundary pushers and deep believers in the power of art to change the world. We are the work. We are the Industry.  We are The BGB Studio. These are our Actors. This is our story. 



Join them in life-changing work! BGB Classes. 

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