BGB Actors & St. Francis

BGB Actors & St. Francis

By BGB Studio

Serving Breakfast 2On April 14th, BGB members came out to the St. Francis Center in downtown LA early in the morning to serve breakfast. We served 162 guests! We had the privilege to sit and chat with many of them as well. We’re so grateful for the work this place does to build and serve the community.

Then after breakfast, 7 BGB members helped with the pantry services at St. Francis. We sorted, organized and gave groceries to families in the community. St. Francis is committed to serving with dignity and this part of their work highlights that.

Here is what BGB actor Chad Wood had to say about his experience at St. Francis,

Such a wonderfully selfish morning of serving meals at the St. Francis Center this morning. Thanks to the BGB Studio for helping sponsor these ways of giving back and allowing us to refill our tanks in this often draining city.

I met a number of lovely people from many walks of life, in need of a little nourishment and a smile. And in an odd twist of coincidence a gentleman was in need of a pair of pants and I happened to have a pair I was taking to goodwill in the car.

I even had a lovely chat with an elderly actor who gave me some sage advice, a bit of inspiration and turned me onto a play and playwright I wasn’t aware of. All this before 9am. It can’t help but be a great day!

-Chad Wood


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