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We are profoundly protective of the work that happens at our studio. The BGB Studio is proud to present a roster of brilliant coaches who care deeply about actors and are committed to helping them explore the depths of their artistry so that they may share it with the world.

– Risa and Steve

  • -James Eckhouse-
    -James Eckhouse-Teacher

    James’ distinguished career as an actor and director in film, television, and theater has spanned more than thirty years. He has acted in well over a hundred films and TV shows and has performed on Broadway, Off-Broadway and in regional theaters across the country. Most recently he starred on Broadway opposite Bryan Cranston in the Tony Award-winning drama ALL THE WAY and in the PBS film MURDER OF A PRESIDENT. He is best known to TV audiences playing Jim Walsh on the original BEVERLY HILLS 90210. His directing career has included several hours of episodic television including the award-winning ABC drama ONCE AND AGAIN and the documentary PROTECTING THE POSSIBILITIES which won a CINE Golden Eagle award. In Los Angeles theater, he has directed plays at Ensemble Studio Theatre, The Matrix, Inside The Ford, Boston Court, and The Falcon. James’ overarching mission as a teacher is to help actors connect to their deep and utterly unique point of view, creating a space to activate their authentic voice.

    More on James here.

  • Christy Faison
    Christy FaisonTeacher

    Christy Faison has been casting for over ten years. She has worked on various pilots, series and films including BOSS, THE NEWSROOM, and ASH VS. EVIL DEAD. Most recently, she cast the CBS pilot NAVY SEAL with Risa Bramon Garcia. Always an advocate for actors, Christy believes in creating a warm, safe and fun environment during the audition process.

    More on Christy here.

  • Jami Rudofsky
    Jami RudofskyTeacher

    Jami has been casting for over 20 years and has worked in every medium. She has previously cast Season 4 of MASTERS OF SEX. She approaches coaching from the perspective of a working Casting Director, helping you identify choices you might not have thought about in preparation. By the time you walk out of your session, you will have the confidence to own the room and the ability to bring your best self to the audition.

    More on Jami here.

  • -Risa Bramon Garcia-
    -Risa Bramon Garcia-Coach/Studio Founder

    For the past 35 years Risa has worked consistently as a director, producer, casting director, writer, and teacher in the arenas of theatre, film, and television. She has the great fortune to collaborate with some of the most talented, passionate, and groundbreaking artists in the world. She is dedicated to helping actors find their distinctive voice in their work so that they can enter into any room or stage with power and ease.

    More on Risa here.

    STEVE BRAUNTeacher/Studio Founder

    Steve Braun is an acting coach and communication consultant, drawing on many years of acting training, Buddhist practice and martial arts training to help his clients discover and express their unique emotional truth. His coaching and teaching clients include lead and recurring actors from WESTWORLD, MR. ROBOT, FEUD, NARCOS, HOMELAND, THE NEWSROOM, CHICAGO LAW, TRANSPARENT, 10 DAYS IN THE VALLEY, MAD MEN, DEXTER, TRUE BLOOD, VAMPIRE DIARIES, THE BLACKLIST, CSI, CSI: NY, etc, etc.

    More on Steve here.

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