BGB Community Spotlight: Dana Buchanan & Volunteering

The BGB community is not only made up of incredible artists who show up for the work in the class and on set, but also in the Los Angeles community. Here’s a word from one of our best – Dana Buchanan – on the BGB Studio and on volunteering: 

“I have loved studying with and becoming a part of the BGB Studios community so much. And beyond the incredible classwork and growth I feel I’m getting as an actor, I absolutely love their commitment to serving outside of the studio. I didn’t realize when I first started at BGB, that they provided us with so many opportunities to volunteer each month. I think acting and creating and just hustling in this industry and this city can take its toll on everyone. And staying focused on ourselves can be exhausting! To have a studio not only recognize the importance of giving back but to actually offer ways to do so, has been, well, life changing for me, honestly. 

Whether at the Children’s Hospital or distributing fresh produce to families or any of the charities and organizations BGB works with, we get to set outside of our work and share our time and most importantly, our love and gratitude. And I definitely believe these small acts of kindness are so important for a healthier and more balanced life as an actor or whatever your passion lies. And I mean, sharing the loves is always a good thing, right? Thanks BGB!!

Sincerely, Dana Kiley Buchanan”

Thank you Dana! Thank you for being an inspiration for all of us to remember what all this is about: love and gratitude and kindness. 

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