BGB Gives Back – April 2017

Hope Gardens – A few BGB actors hosted Game Time with the children at Hope Gardens – A Homeless Women and Children’s Facility here in Los Angeles. They played the old throwbacks – 7Up and Four Corners.  The kids created ice cream out of play-dough and danced hard on the Dance Dance Revolution machine.

We were grateful spending the afternoon entertaining the kids and meeting these lovely young souls who each have their entire lives ahead of them.  They are all sweet and amazing kids who just love to play and learn and receive love and attention like any other kid.  You could help too, giving these wonderful children a few hours of your time by listening and playing with them.  This all happened while their moms were out trying to build their lives again.  Even if it’s a couple hours, I’m sure it makes a difference!  -Ellen S.


Also in April – Covenant House! This past Thursday – BGB actor Felipe Figueroa spent an hour teaching an acting class for 9 of the residents of the Covenant House – a shelter for homeless youth ages 18-24.  They started with an improv game and then went right into doing some simple 2 page scenes.  One of the scenes was from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – a throwback for Felipe but something completely new for the residents!  Each of them put their own spin on the scene and had lots of fun doing it!  The night ended with a writing exercise asking the residents to answer the question: What does passion mean to you?  Here is one of their responses:


These residents are vital and full of life with huge opinions and feelings on life.  We are constantly amazed by them. We look forward to spending more time with them and being part of their lives!

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