BGB Gives Back: Camp SoCal Hearts

BGB Gives Back: Camp SoCal Hearts

By BGB Studio

Camp SoCal HeARTs, a program of Camp TLC (Together Living a Challenge), benefits many underprivileged and foster care children of Los Angeles. Camp TLC has added a week-long summer camp to their year round curriculum, exposing attendants to ART based activities that are no longer offered in the public school system. Through nurturing creativity and exposure to the arts, Camp TLC helps these young people identify their self-worth, supports their existing interests, and encourages them to discover personal goals for the future. Our BGB Community members volunteered this summer, leading classes in theatre, dance, singing, guitar, percussion, photography, and athletics.

Camp SoCal HeARTS (Colin, Tracey, Bonnie, Josef)“What a transformative week that was for me. Last summer I volunteered as a group leader with the children, taking them from theater to dance to guitar etc. The short time I had with them was incredible. They taught me so much and I got to experience the art I’ve devoted my life to in a new way. This year I had the honor to work as assistant camp director, in place of my dear friend, Carlee Smith, who founded SoCal HeARTs. That’s it, right there. That’s why we do this.

People, myself included, are attracted to come and get involved with camp because it’s “arts based.” But once you get there, once you have even a little time with these kids, you know why you’re there. Not because they may get to hold a guitar for the first time, or learn a cool scene in theater class, but because some of these kids are starved for positive adult interaction. And to be able to give that to these children for just 5 days is, well, life changing.”

-Bonnie Bower


Josef & SoCal HeARTS“What shall I say? Words can’t describe the emotions I went through in my few days with the kids. I learned so much about them, about myself, and about America. I am deeply grateful for this experience.”

– Josef Urban


“The children were AMAZING!!!! I was and will forever be touched deeply by their beautiful spirits. I am in awe of their resilience. They gave me so much more than I could ever give them. Humbled. Thank you so much BGB community for bringing this opportunity to me. “

– Paulette Williams




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