BGB Gives Back: How we ended 2016!

BGB Gives Back: How we ended 2016!

By BGB Studio

St. Francis is a food pantry that serves the downtown community. We’ve had the privilege to partner with them once a month serving breakfast and/or helping at their pantry distribution. It’s been our privilege to do so throughout the past months.unnamed-1

“I absolutely loved doing the St. Francis breakfast. It was (selfishly) a wonderful soul cleanse after waking up post-election, and a great way to remind myself that there are direct, actionable ways to get involved with causes that are important to me. Grateful for the experience. And just to relate a small story… There was a woman who came in, looking very tired and focused solely on her breakfast, when a soulful song came on the radio (sadly couldn’t tell you what it was). This woman immediately perked up and started swaying to the music, alternating bites of her donut with dancing and humming to the music. At one point she turned to the man sitting next to her and said, “Oh! I feel like a girl again.” She was so happy. And then the song ended and she gave a contented sigh and went back to her breakfast, but I think I saw her successfully shake off the outside world, even for just a few minutes.” – Greg Nussen.



Here is one of our dedicated groups of actors from our most recent trip to St. Francis. We even had an actor’s mom make an appearance!


Union Rescue Mission is one of the biggest rescue missions in America. BGB members helped with their Thanksgiving celebration on Saturday November 19th.

“I enjoyed volunteering at Union Rescue Mission and the guests appreciated us being there. There are so many people that just want someone to chat with. It’s nice to know that a place like URM is there for the community.” -Sydney Jay



Two of our actors, Nancy Ma and Felipe Figueroa had a wonderful night leading a BGB inspired class at The Covenant House.  The Covenant House is a homeless youth center for 18-24 year old’s in Hollywood. We had 7 brave souls join us. We warmed up with a character improv drill, laughed our way through Sam and Max scenes and ended with a writing prompt on our intentions for this coming year.


In the spirit of the holidays, we accepted donations for the Angel Tree Prison Fellowship throughout the entire month of December. This organization connects parents in prison with their children through the delivery of Christmas gifts. Actors donated gift cards to child-friendly stores, such as Target, Kmart, Toys R’Us. 


For the 10 Day Actor’s Challenge: Finding Your Power that we launched earlier this year, we hosted a BGB Day of Giving where we collected donations of socks, feminine hygiene products, and toys for the organization M.E.N.D. (Meet Each Need with Dignity). M.E.N.D.’s  mission is to break the bonds of poverty by providing basic human needs and a pathway to self­ reliance.

Two of our BGB actors even hosted free movement classes at the BGB Day of Giving. Rachel Kimsey taught a yoga class in the morning, and Cassidy Davis taught a Zumba class in the afternoon.







Join us in 2017 as we continue to give back to our incredible Los Angeles community! For more information email

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