BGB Gives Back: February 2017

BGB Gives Back: February 2017

By BGB Studio

Hope Gardens is a transitional home in the Valley that houses elderly women and mothers and children. It is part of Union Rescue Mission. BGB members had the privilege to rehearse a play with some of their youth and volunteer at their 3rd annual Art Show.
Working with the kids at Hope Gardens changed my life. I loved every second of it! They were excited, wild, free…all the things we actors strive to be. In a way it was the Greatest Acting Class. Ever.  Unspeakably rewarding; being able to see these kids come out of their shells through the work and to be able to give back as a teacher and actor…there are no words to describe it.  I’m so thankful for this experience (and honestly y’all, we got some future Oscar contenders in the house at Hope Gardens, y’all better watch it!)  Would do it again in a heartbeat! I thank Hope Gardens for the reminder that art heals and it’s always a lesson to go back to the beginning.
– Ana Parsons


Union Rescue Mission

We spent an afternoon reading and offering homework help to kids at the Union Rescue Mission. We love this organization and its commitment to our community at Skid Row. Come join us when we go there next!
Thanks so much for putting this together! 
I often find myself living in my own head, worrying about the audition I want or one I just had, but of course, the world is so much bigger than that.  According to the LA times there are 63,000 homeless youths in LA county.   I had the pleasure of meeting one of them–she’s four years old and has lived more in her short years than most have lived in a life time.   Ali had an infectious energy and the brightest eyes; she also loved apples.  As I left yesterday i was thinking of the Dalai Lama quote “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others.  And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.”   I found that in helping Ali, I really was helping myself to be more compassionate, present and ultimately to remember what life is really about. 
One of the reasons I love doing BGB community events is because it helps me feel like part of LA. As a performer, sometimes my perspective gets shifted into a selfish place and connecting with the community I am a part of helps remind me of what really matters most in life. Today was really special because I love kids and seeing them have joy feeds my soul. My pal Irvin today was so optimistic, excited and talented!!! We had so many high fives to celebrate his successes and I’ve been smiling all night thinking about the joy he has!!!
I feel like people tend to get wrapped up in their own little bubble (myself included) and giving service puts things into perspective and gives one’s life meaning and purpose beyond themselves. If you’re fortunate enough and in a position to help others, why not? -Nancy Ma
Let’s all get involved and make our community shine brighter! For more information, email us at!

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