BGB Gives Back: Journey Out Awareness Walk & Community Fair

Survival. Hope. Freedom. 

For 35 years, Journey Out has been fighting for the freedom and survival of those whose lives have been destroyed by sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation in Los Angeles. On Saturday, October 7, 2017, Journey Out had their annual walk and community awareness festival. BGB Studio actors not only participated in the awareness walk, but also had the privilege to read the words of survivors. Thank you Ana Parsons, Grasie Mercedes, Cate Cohen, Toni Christopher, Mildred Langford, Bianca Lopez, Vera Cherny, Jane Park Smith, Daisha Graf and Nancy Ma for honoring the words of survivors. Thank you to Risa, Steve and the BGB Studio for always reminding to show up for our community. This is the incredible work!

“BGB Studio actors showing up for Journey Out and the victims and survivors of human trafficking they serve. Today our actors read the words of survivors. I’m incredibly proud of their work.” – Steve Braun

“Thank you Steve & BGB for always instilling the importance of giving back to the community. Love this family!” – Grasie Mercedes

“This morning we walked for freedom! These incredible women! This unstoppable community!” – Ana Parsons


“Had a rewarding and humbling experience this morning walking for an amazing nonprofit organization called Journey Out with my BGB Studio community. We also got to perform stories from some of the survivors. Thank you Nancy for coordinating!” – Mildred Langford

“So grateful for my BGB Studio tribe for allowing me to be a part of something so inspiring this weekend!” – Bianca Lopez

 “Thank you BGB Studio, Steve, and Nancy for opening my eyes to the incredible work of Journey Out, an organization helping victims and survivors of human trafficking. Today, we read the words of survivors.” – Cate Cohen

 “Had a really awesome morning with my BGB Studio family and Journey Out fighting against human trafficking! Also being there for these women once they are rescued. Anyone can be a victim and the victims are often misunderstood. We need to protect our women…I just can’t imagine a 12 year old being picked up off the streets and sold…this is absolutely unacceptable. It’s time we speak up!” – Daisha Graf

“The experience- eye-opening, enriching, humbling, energizing, humbling, as well as heartbreaking and enraging that predators are in our own backyards grooming souls of all ages to be lured and too often trapped in the web of sexual exploitation. We walked for freedom, to raise awareness, to build solidarity, end exploitation and to prevent another from falling victim to sex trafficking. So grateful to Risa and Steve and fellow female actors and fighters for making this weekend such an empowering one.” – Jane Park Smith

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