BGB Gives Back – March 2017

BGB Gives Back – March 2017

By BGB Studio

Covenant House – This month BGB Actors Nancy Ma and Felipe Figueroa spent a couple Thursday evenings with the residents of this long-standing center for homeless youth (ages 18-24).  On March 9, they led an acting class that started with fun improv character games to get everyone warmed up and shake off the day.  Then two at a time the participants braved the stage for short scene work.  The class ended with a writing prompt which asked, “What does letting go mean to you?”  Below are some of their answers!  The residents that join us vary from week to week. However, their bravery and vulnerability remain the same.

On Thursday, March 30, Nancy and Felipe had a wonderful group, some repeats and some new folks.  They started with a rousing stream of consciousness game called “I love/I hate.”  Then all the participants, in pairs, performed the same scene.  The idea Nancy and Felipe wanted to communicate was that even though everyone did the same scene, no two scenes were the same because each of them is so unique. And brave. And full of life.  One student says he is inspired to start taking acting class when he gets into college.  Here is a pic of some of these brave and wonderful souls:

We are so grateful to partner with Covenant House!

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