BGB Series Regular

It’s time to get real.

If you’re like most actors, you’d give anything to be cast as a series regular on a TV show. It’s the brass ring, the reason you’re working so hard and sacrificing so much. And while booking a series regular job is often an actor’s primary focus, most actors have no idea what life is actually like as a series regular.  Well, it’s time to get real. It’s time to shatter the myths and get real about this elusive goal you’re trying to achieve.

To give you the clearest sense of what lies at the end of the rainbow, we offer our podcast series, SERIES REGULAR, an honest discussion of the reality of being a series regular on a TV show.

Episode #3 – Malcolm-Jamal Warner

Malcolm Jamal-Warner hasn’t just been a series regular. He’s been a series regular multiple times spanning decades, has been a series regular on one of the most icon shows on television and is currently a series regular.  Very few actors have had that kind of success and longevity.  We talked to Malcolm about being a child actor, his work on iconic set and what sustains him during the downtime.

Episode #2 – Yetide Badaki

Yetide Badaki is a Goddess…and a Series Regular. She’s fresh off the first season of American Gods on Starz and navigating what it means to be an actor in demand.  She sat down with us to talk about why generosity matters for actors, what it took to book the role of a lifetime, and why the struggle is worth it.  Listen to her story:

 More on Yetide here.

Episode #1 – Eddie Cahill

Eddie Cahill has thrice booked series regular roles- GLORY ROAD, CSI:NY and CONVICTION.  That puts him in rarefied air. Find out why the work still humbles him, what he learned from each experience and the lessons he wished he’d learned earlier in his career.