BGB Serving Our Community & Finding Connection

BGB Serving Our Community & Finding Connection

By BGB Studio

IMG_3583Our monthly commitments to St. Francis and Covenant House are about building consistent community and investing in our city. It has been a wonderful way to connect more and more of our BGB actors with Los Angeles communities in need.

St. Francis and Covenant House both address homelessness, which is a visible and heartbreaking staple of this city.  At St. Francis we get to work with them in providing some basic necessities- food and clothing- and allow for even a brief moment of rest and community.

At Covenant House we provide a space for the community’s youth to be creative, to be silly, and to be vocal. To express their unique point of view and have fun doing it. It’s so empowering.

We’re grateful for St. Francis and Covenant House. It’s always a privilege to partner with these organizations.



“I don’t know how many breakfasts we served but it must have been over one hundred. I had a great time, what a great way to start my day. “

-Josef Urban



St. Francis 7.14.16

“Everyone was welcoming. We got right to work loading up groceries for the senior citizens – who were lovely and wonderful to chat with. We also organized their pantry and storage.  St. Francis has some great programs, and I would love to volunteer again. “

– Dominique Generaux


Covenant House 16.08.18 2“The young people who come to our acting/improv class are brave, passionate, and big-hearted. We gave two of our students the prompt, “What makes you brave?” They spent a few minutes writing and later shared their thoughts from the stage. We love them and we are continually inspired by them.”

-Nancy Ma


Covenant House 16.08.18

“The experience has been wonderful since the beginning. I love seeing the growth in two of the residents who have really flourished. Helping them find their own voice has been so rewarding and healing. Their voices matter as much as our own, and they are so happy to discover theirs as we discover ours with them!”

-Felipe Figueroa

Join our BGB Community for our next volunteering opportunities and find your own connection to giving, to a personal connection to Los Angeles, and to our community. 



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