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BGB Serving Together in Los Angeles

Thank you to the volunteers who show up early to serve breakfast, show up at rush hour times to hang out with children at the hospital, show up in the middle of the day to inspire students to write at Title 1 schools. It might feel small and we might never see the fruits of our time and energy, but they really do matter. And truthfully, the impact is probably greater for us.

Katie recently volunteered at St. Francis Center and had this to share: “I served breakfast at St. Francis a few weeks ago and I’m still thinking about it today. What stood out for me most, were the moments of real connection with people that were strangers to me. Taking the time to share a moment- whether it was laughing over a TV show, them asking how my day was, or my helping them with their meal. These were real people in a tough situation who were polite and funny and no different than me. I know I will be back there again soon.”

Vera also helped at St. Francis: “The last time I served breakfast at the St. Francis Center, I noticed someone had scribbled “BGB” on the chalkboard in the kitchen. It must’ve happened on a different day, but that little message from a previous volunteer made me so proud! To be part of this Tribe of Actors — who give back not only through their art but also volunteer work — is something that I find to be humbling and inspiring. So may our Work continue!”

Danny a frequent-er of St. Francis and EAMF at The Children’s Hospital says: Service to others is how you find out who you are.”

Many BGB members also volunteer with Young Storytellers throughout the city. Daisha talks about her experience mentoring elementary aged students: “I love that Young Storytellers creates the space for young people to exercise their voices in art. Their stories are wildly imaginative, and necessary. Arts education and this program expands these kids’ worldview and what can happen when you start and finish a project. I personally learn so much from mentoring. I’m so grateful that this program exists and continues to grow.”

I show up because I can. I show up because I want to.

I show up because I have to

…face down treachery of dis-ease and be fully ME in the pain and aching.

In every moment made more whole and beautiful in the artistry of healing—

on camera or not; cancer, or not…

I show up because this is all of me, truthfully, BECOMING.


So continue to show up even when it’s early or uncomfortable or doesn’t “feel right.” It matters. We are continually inspired by the people in this community. #BGBCommunity

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