Adrienne Carter is a writer, producer, and actor with a BA in Spanish from Yale University and an MFA in Acting from the Yale School of Drama. She spent several years acting in New York and began her writing career in Los Angeles. Doubleday published her novel, “FAB” and she wrote on the TV shows “Eve” and NBC’s “Las Vegas.” She served as a writer/producer on “Everybody Hates Chris” and Fox’s “Brothers.” She wrote episodes of the groundbreaking TV One comedy, “Born Again Virgin” and wrote and directed a short film, “Baby Bump Blues,” starring Ryan Michelle Bathe and Sterling K. Brown. She developed a series about Atlanta millennials with Wise Entertainment. She teaches Acting for the camera at Idyllwild Arts Academy Summer Program and was a Visiting Assisting Professor of Theatre at Prairie View A&M University. Adrienne wrote, produced, and acted in a half hour pilot, “Every Other Weekend,” executive produced by Emmy winner Sterling K. Brown.

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FB Live w/ Adrienne Carter

Writing. Acting. Shooting. Creating.  Risa sat down with the gifted writer-actor-producer-filmmaker Adrienne Carter and talked about finding your bold voice and articulating it in all the work you do. Adrienne talked about her journey as an actor/writer/producer and shared tips on how to write with ease and power. This is incredibly exciting!  Watch. Learn. Get inspired to create.

Check out Adrienne’s new amazing class: The Working Actor.

Risa & Steve sat down with Adrienne to talk to her about writing for actors, pushing past failure, and what it’s taken to be a writer/producer at the highest levels of the business. Have a listen.


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