Camille Chen is an actress who hails from the great state of Texas. She attended The University of Texas at Austin, then quickly transitioned to Los Angeles, where she immediately broke into the commercial world. She has appeared in over 100 commercials, including OLD NAVY, EXPERIAN, PRICELINE, MCDONALD’S, and APPLEBEE’S. You might remember her from the STATE FARM commercial that just wouldn’t quit, featuring the fisherman dangling the dollar on his fishing pole.

Camille has appeared in over 70 TV shows, with recurring roles on Aaron Sorkin’s STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP, UNSOLVED: THE MURDERS OF TUPAC AND THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G., and most recently SINGLE PARENTS. Last year she broke into the film world, playing Dr. Chin in GAME NIGHT, and wrapped a Danny Boyle project that is slated to release fall of 2019.

Her goal as a coach is to create the space for actors to find the work and play on their own, so the result is unique to them. She’s passionate about discovering what the scene means to each actor. She believes that every actor has the capacity to become fully confident and self-sufficient in the work. Camille booked her biggest and most favorite role to date, on January 18th, 2019 – playing Mom to her sweet little girl, Colette.

Taking a class with Camille is not an audition or employment opportunity and there is no suggestion or guarantee of an audition or employment as a result of taking her classes.

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