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When Debby Jay had her first lesson in the Alexander Technique in 1982, she experienced a sense of lightness and ease that astonished her and changed the direction of her life. She studied Alexander privately for four years and trained to be a teacher at the American Center for the Alexander Technique in New York, and for almost 30 years has been teaching individuals and groups.

To better understand why people embody themselves the way they do, Debby got additional training in Somatic Experiencing- a body-oriented approach to resolving trauma.

Debby has helped hundreds of actors- at the Howard Fine Acting Studio and at The BGB Studio- to develop a more radiant and focused presence in their work. She is delighted to be able to help her students and clients experience greater emotional and physical freedom and to feel increasingly grounded in their own truth.

Debby Jay is a guest Master Teacher in many BGB classes, both ongoing and 8-week sessions.

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